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names in the frame

Richard Relton representing Sead Dizdarevic's Jet Set Sports, and Peter Moore, head of Olympic packages at Thomas Cook's agency Iluka, both appear - courtesy of secret filming - in Channel 4's Olympic Tickets for Sale, each claiming ability to sell access to the London 2012 ORN Zil Lanes.

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London 2012 - turn on, tune in, drop out

Now in addition to possible shortages of beer in London pubs due to London 2012 the Cabinet Office is warning businesses their internet usage may be rationed. It is worried there may be a slowdown in internet services and even 'dropouts'.

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The 'ultimate nightmare' of Getting Ahead of the Games

The hell that is London 2012 just got a whole lot worse. On Wednesday 1st February the Games transport for London commissioner Peter Hendy, as part of the Get Ahead of the Games initiative, called on commuters to go to the pub instead of clogging up stations like London Bridge.

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How annoying! Hypocrites, er, sponsors can use ORN lanes!

Bizarrely, Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has had a go at Coca Cola, Olympic sponsors for 85 years, for deciding to bus their employees and guests to Stratford. Others have condemned them for breaking the 'Olympic Spirit'!

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Keep right ORN....more fines, flashmobs and even guerrilla solicitors

Regarding London's Olympic Overload, @matthewBeard reports that Greenwich is upping the stakes on ORN fines by applying for the right to charge £1000, while other Boroughs are also seeking higher fees for recovering towed-away vehicles, taking their charges over the £500 in place at present.

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London's Olympics Overload

London faces an Olympics overload. Transport is overloaded. Olympics travel chaos threatens London's transport system, London's motorists face £500 fines if they park in Olympic lanes, a £200 fine and a £300 fee to get their cars back from the pound, and the RMT is ticked off with TfL for not giving its Tube staff the same 'bonuses' as train drivers.

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taxi !!!!!

Taxis flash-demo LOCOG: 9th Sepember 2011 Grange Hotel, St Pauls  see
A guest post by Danny, @m37411ic48

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Taxis+Trains+Roads = Locog traffics in chaos

Lowcog's continuing trafficking in chaos has resulted in a taxi flashmob outside Lowcog's hotel

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give and take

Westfield Stratford beyond Bridge LO3: A view over the 2012 Olympic site towards Westfield Stratford and Bridge LO3, 3rd March 2011, taken on the 'Printers' Paradise' walk organised by Wick Curiosity Shop.Westfield Stratford beyond Bridge LO3 So according to the Guardian's @owen_g

London 2012 announce Westfield as 44th sponsor in a £10m tier 3 deal

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better to leave your bike at home

There's been lots of criticism coming at LOCOG's cycle planning or woeful lack thereof, notably by Jaquelin Magnay of the Torygraph. Diamondgeezer analyses, and summarises:

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