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Witness delivers letter to Olympics Organisers on Rio Evictions

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Goosestepping in Pudding Mill

Athletes are a shambolic lot, they can't walk in a straight line, they wander around, waste time and generally dawdle instead of getting on with the parade! I have to say this wasn't how I viewed athletes. But apparently this is the opinion of the IOC. Blame is being placed on them, possibly rather unfairly, for holding things up during opening ceremonies. In Beijing the ceremony was regarded as an endurance test with athletes on their feet for up to seven hours. A 'source' said "We are seeking ways to force the athletes in the parade of nations to march in a much more orderly fashion, unlike the last few Games when they spread out and wasted time."

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Sugar and spice, but not all that's nice!

First Lowcog wanted to kidnap the year 2012 and prevent an arts programme using it in the name of their exhibition. Now the IOC has prevented cake makers using Olympic logos in a British Sugarcraft Guild cake decorating exhibition! Jan Thorpe, chairman of the judges committee, yesterday described the crackdown as "excessive". She said: "There is no commercial gain whatsoever from this. We were simply doing an Olympic display during the Olympic year in sugar. We thought the (International) Olympic Committee would be happy that people were getting involved. It really upset us. This is our skill and we wanted to join in."

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Sochi's mega event: Eviction

The grim tale of Olympic evictions continues at Sochi. The IOC has praised Sochi’s preparations. Jean-Claude Killy said “We have organised Olympic Games all over the world – Norway, Japan, Italy… But I have never seen anything like what I saw in Sochi. I believe that after the Olympics, Sochi’s former history will seem pre-history. The city will turn into one of the world’s best resorts.”

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Beijing Olympics Human Rights Legacy - More Repression

Remember those promises from the IOC that the Beijing Olympics would result in improvements in China's human rights record? Francois Carrard told the BBC: 'If the Games were not awarded to China the (human rights) situation would not have progressed, this is a contribution to progress, an accelerating factor.' Monsieur Carrard went on 'I'm convinced that when we look at this with the perspective of history we will see that the Olympic Games will have been an opportunity for considerable progress.'

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That BOA sporting spirit

BOA made a £235,000 profit in 2010. So why plead financial problems when it refused to host the pre-Olympics ANOC event?

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Belching the devil: another friend of the Olympics

Along with Rio Tinto another well known and long standing friend of the Olympics and sponsor of London 2012 is Coca Cola, aka Killer Coke, which is being sued in the United States by trade unions acting on behalf of workers and trade unionists in Turkey, Colombia and Guatemala.

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Gridlock at the Games?

Just as London faces the threat of a fine from the IOC for exceeding pollution levels, which could also endanger particular events like the marathon, Tube Unions have rejected BoJo's pay deal which would cover the 2012 Games and allow for the Tube to run for longer during the event.

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