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Democracy Now Video of Vancouver Protests

Democracy Now reports on protests by up to 3000 demonstrators in Vancouver, largely ignored by the mainstream media.

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Journalist Amy Goodman Interrogated by Canadian Border Agents

While traveling to Vancouver, Canada to speak at the Vancouver Public Library at a benefit for community radio stations, Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman and her two colleagues were detained by Canadian authorities. The armed interrogators were particularly interested in whether she would be speaking about the upcoming Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Amy was questioned extensively about the speech she intended to give; their car was gone through by armed border guards, and their papers and laptop computers were scoured.

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Olympicfield: The Legacy Project

This video recently arrived in our email inbox.

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Demonstrators Disrupt 2010 Olympic Torch Relay

2010 Olympic Torch Relay Starts Off Disgraced, Delayed, and Disrupted

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Taking the 'No Games Chicago 2016' opposition case direct to the IOC in Lausanne

By Tom Tresser

I live in Lincoln Park and have been working in the arts, local economic development and civic engagement in Chicago since 1980. In 1993 I went to work for Peoples Housing, a grass roots community development organization in east Rogers Park that developed and maintained low income housing. I organized a community arts program that combined culture, education and micro-enterprise.

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Olympics - bringing peace through 155mm howitzers

"Samsung is honoured to continue to support the Olympic Games for another eight years. We strongly believe that the sponsorship will not only enhance our brand image but also help promote our corporate values that celebrate peace, encourage friendly competition and promote unity among people of all cultures."
'Samsung lined up for London', London2012 press release

Ponder that as you watch this promotional video for Samsung Techwin. Apparently 'technology will be the strength that guards peace'. And they don't mean noise-cancelling headphones.

Watch out for the sinister 'Surveillance Sentry Robot' at 6:30 - with the capability to 'suppress moving objects when necessary'. Could be handy around the London Olympics site as they step up the security - Samsung suggest the Guardbots could find an application around sensitive areas such as industrial installations and shipyards.

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