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Who says sport and politics don't mix?

Sportsmen and women may not be renowned for being politically outspoken. The most notorious example of pressure being applied to British sportsmen was in 1938 when the English football team was ordered by the FA and the Foreign Office to give the Nazi salute before a friendly match in Germany.

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2012 Olympics blind eye on Beijing abuse

Despite the constant flow of reports from China of human rights abuses, evictions, beatings, arrests and the imprisonment of protesters in the run up to the 2008 Olympic Games Britain’s political and sports elites continue to fawn over the Beijing Olympics. Whereas the United States and the EU, along with human rights organisations, are reported to be protesting at the arrest of a prominent human rights activist, Hu Jia, the Chinese Xinhua Agency (see below) is delighted to be able to report the enthusiastic support offered by the likes of Coe, Brown and Livingstone.

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2016 Bid cities told ' No financial guarantee, no olympics'.

Chicago's 2016 bid committee hopes the 80 pages of information it sent last week to the International Olympic Committee will help distinguish the quality of the city's Summer Olympic bid from those of its six rivals. After all, the IOC will pick finalist cities in June largely on the basis of that information.

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The Lee Valley Regional Park Authority to be used as Trojan Horse for Home Counties tax hike for more Olympics funds

NEW council tax rises may be needed to fund the 2012 Olympics and its aftermath, it has emerged. A leaked report and parliamentary answers suggest that not only will households in London be affected, but also taxpayers in the surrounding counties, including Essex and Hertfordshire.

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House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee Tuesday 4 December 2007 on Video

Meeting started at 10.30am
ended at 1.07pm

London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games


1. Lord Coe KBE, Chairman, Paul Deighton, Chief Executive, LOCOG, John Armitt, Chairman, and David Higgins, Chief Executive, Olympic Delivery Authority

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Pensioners protest Olympic levy

A group of pensioners who are refusing to pay the Olympic Games levy placed on their council tax have taken their protest to Parliament. The south-east London pensioners handed in a petition with more than 8,000 signatures demanding the weekly 38p is paid by everyone, not just Londoners.

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The game of winning the Games

The current obsession with winning the right to host sporting events has resulted in the 2014 Commonwealth Games being awarded to Glasgow. The news was greeted by the media with unalloyed joy. Politicians from all sides hugged one another, athletes proclaimed this as yet another opportunity for aspiring sporting types to win medals, the site of the proposed athletes’ village was declared to be an industrial wasteland and the project was described by one politician (does it matter which?) as ‘irresistible’. The watching media failed to debate the issues or provide any detailed information

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Mega-projects research centre

A new research centre is aiming to develop better ways of keeping large-scale projects on track.

The traditional tools and techniques of project management are no longer sufficient for the complex task of major programme management, according to BT which is setting up the centre with the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford.

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