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Aftermath2012: First they came for the residents, businesses, gardeners, then they came for the artists

By Julian Cheyne
Created 30 Jul 2016 - 23:26

Hackney Wick has greatest density of artists in ALL Europe [0]Hackney Wick has greatest density of artists in ALL Europe

First the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) thought they might demolish Fish Island North as a possible site for the London2012 Athletes' Village. Then when they decided to put the Village at Clays Lane the ODA had another look at Fish Island and lo and behold they thought it looked quite tasty. So tasty that they created a conservation zone in part of the Island. Next they noticed there were a whole lot of artists knocking around so they launched tours of what they called their 'Iconic Arts Zone'. Now the latest Olympic body, the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), has decided building a footbridge [1] over the Lea Navigation would be a good idea, right next to two other bridges, one a hundred metres or so to the north and another a hundred metres or so to the south. But that involves creating a blank canvas in part of that iconic Olympics Arts Zone, at Vittoria Wharf [2].

#SaveVittoriaWharf [2]#SaveVittoriaWharf

U Killin' the Vibez LLDC [2]U Killin' the Vibez LLDC

WickStock [2]WickStock#SaveHackneyWick'sArtists [2]#SaveHackneyWick'sArtists

Don't kill the Community [2]Don't kill the Community

Now, how to stop this [3] being just another legacy milestone?

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