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Open Our Towpath Demo

8 Jul 2012 - 12:00
8 Jul 2012 - 15:00

Protesting the Olympic Lee Navigation towpath closure
Meeting under Eastway bridge at midday.

The Lea towpath from Homerton to Bow has been closed from now (ie 23 days before the Opening Ceremony!) until September as a so-called “security” measure for the Olympics. This is a heavily-used green lane through East London and there can be no rational reason for it to be closed this far ahead of the games, or even during them.

LOCOG and the police claim, despite 6m high electric fences and cameras, that the path is closed for security reasons. This is forcing cyclists onto busy roads, denying local residents access to recreational space and sending out a hypocritical Olympic message.

We are holding a peaceful demonstration/picnic THIS SUNDAY 8TH JULY at midday on the towpath under the bridge. We really need as many people there as possible to help show how many of us are affected by this – local residents, cyclists, walkers, families, commuters ….

Bring a picnic to share, placards, and as many like-minded folk as you can muster to show our displeasure at this unnecessary and unfair closure

Map of where to meet

We hope to see you there!