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Proposed Gypsy and Traveller site on Hackney Marshes

Planning Application 2006/3212

Notes produced by Hackney Marsh User Group.

A planning application has been submitted by Turley Associates, London Development Agency agents, to the London Borough of Hackney. It can be seen on the LDA website.

A copy of the application has been sent to HMUG with the request that comments are submitted within 21 days - ie by December 20th. We have seen no public notices of this planning application.

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Travellers and residents object to move

MACHINERY has been digging up small parts of a Stratford park, prompting fears that the land is being prepared for building work even before permission has been granted.

The London Development Agency (LDA) has applied to demolish a playground, community centre and sports pitches in Major Road to make way for travellers who are being forced off their Clays Lane home on the Olympic site.


Rising Olympic Costs

The emerging debacle of the escalating costs of the Games are providing the most disingenuous twists of logic and language. Ken Livingstone now states that the rising costs are not associated with the Games but with the ‘Legacy’, as if it were a leech that had insinuated itself into the proceedings. ‘Legacy’, we were told when the bid was successful, was one of the reasons which helped win. ‘Legacy’ was all about regeneration of an area typified as a black hole, despite it housing over 250 businesses, housing low-wage families and individuals and having a significant urban wildlife associated with the waterways and derelict land.

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Games Monitor is a network of people raising awareness about issues within the London Olympic development processes.

We want to highlight the local, London and international implications of the Olympic industry. We seek to deconstruct the 'fantastic' hype of Olympic boosterism and the eager complicity of the 'urban elites' in politics, business, the media, sport, academia and local institutional 'community stakeholders'.