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The Inspector's report into the 2012 Olympics Compulsory Purchase Order

The Inspector for the Inquiry into the 2012 Olympics Compulsory Purchase Order only produced an advisory report. The final decision was left to the Minister for Communities, then Alastair Darling, who ignored the Inspector's recommendations regarding the Travellers. There was never the remotest chance that the Inspector would not recommend acceptance and even less that Mr Darling would not grant the order. The whole process was a sham.

The Inspector paid next to no attention to the evidence from Clays Lane residents. He preferred the information provided by the LDA on future housing costs even though in the event the Clays Lane residents' evidence was far more accurate and should have been seen to be so at the time. The Inspector also refused to carry out any detailed examination of claims by the LDA for example regarding the alleged Housing Legacy from the Athletes' Village. At one point he simply reproduces the figures provided by the LDA while later he refers to disputes about the amount of housing which would be produced. He could easily have resolved the matter with some elementary calculations which would have included the housing that was to be lost at Clays Lane and Park Village and the amount of housing to be built at Stratford City and used for the Athletes' Village. This housing was not Legacy housing as it was going to be built anyway.

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