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Brand Beckham to the rescue?

First it was 'Beckham backs the bid', then 'Beckham to motivate the England Squad'. Now it may be 'Beckham returns to East End roots'. West Ham have been talking to 'his people' in an attempt to rope in the Leytonstone born celeb in its bid to get its hands on the 2012 Olympic Stadium. Still, the lad hasn't agreed yet. Maybe West Ham is a bit of a comedown for Brand Beckham after the various excitements of the World Cup.

Perhaps instead David could put his name recognition to good use and help his best mate (I'm sure they are!) Seb persuade the Scots, Northern Irish and Welsh to set aside their historic differences and form a united Great Britain football team with the English for 2012. The Olympics doesn't seem to working its magic of 'bringing people together' in this particular case, as the three footballing nations refuse to agree to field their players alongside the English for fear of losing their independent status as football associations. Even if they haven't yet achieved independence as nations they've got it on the football pitch and that's worth more than a poxy Olympic medal for Football Team GB.

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