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Death and the Olympic City

There are many tales of the Olympic City, lies, dreams of wealth, and profligate living! And of course, death!

Another bizarre story which came my way some months ago was a tale, apparently told by a LOCOG insider, that a morgue was being prepared at Victoria Park, underground, in case a catastrophe of Olympian proportions overtook the Games. This seemed too fanciful to be true. I did run it past a journalist, who was sceptical, but heard no more.

Then today I was discussing the Basketball training arena at Leyton Marsh and the possibility that it might have had a dual purpose, as a morgue, as it had always seemed strange the ODA was so determined to build that very considerable structure in that location when there must have been any number of alternatives. It was barely used, had no windows and relied on external ventilation systems.

Out of the dark blue left field (wrong sport and mixed metaphors I know, but what the hell) one of the discussants, whom I had never met before and without any earlier mention of the subject, said he had been talking to someone in the ODA who had told him the ODA had plans for a morgue at Victoria Park, underground!


Every now and then life throws you a curved ball... (wrong bloody sport - again)

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The ODA morgue being readied for the Olympics ...

Dear God, it looks as if someone in the Olympics organisation believed the Rockefeller Foundation prediction of 130,000 casualties. Or was detailed to make it happen. As part of G4S's "defining moment for London".

curving the curve

Just to reassure any worried baseball fans, I am aware the expression is a curve ball, but I like the idea of a curved ball better. The Americans like to adjust our language so I don't see a problem with doing the same to theirs!