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London 2012 - turn on, tune in, drop out

Now in addition to possible shortages of beer in London pubs due to London 2012 the Cabinet Office is warning businesses their internet usage may be rationed. It is worried there may be a slowdown in internet services and even 'dropouts'.

This message was reiterated by Kathryn Hurt, head of projects for MWB Business Exchange, who said: "There's been a lot of discussion about traffic hotspots, but very little about potential internet traffic problems. The risk is that home workers are unable to work effectively due to over-capacity."

So even if you do not go to work to avoid the traffic congestion, the crowded trains and tubes and the alcohol free pubs you may not be able to use your computer to work at home.

Those commuters who do plan to go to work are being encouraged to walk or cycle. However, the rising toll of cyclists killed on London's roads may well deter many from taking to their bike.

In light of the dire warnings from the authorities about the chaos to come Games Monitor has already suggested a wholesale evacuation of the city may be the only sensible solution. You have been warned!

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