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Intensification of policing, civil liberties implications

The costs of repression

Security for the London Olympics 2012 will be overseen by a Cabinet level Olympic Security Committee chaired by the Home Secretary and comprising senior officers from the UK security forces. The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG), an interim body responsible for any negotiations before the Olympic Delivery Authority was fully constituted, had a Security Directorate of its own. £25 million has been allocated to in venue security, and a further £200 million to cover "wider security costs" (, July 16, 2005).

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Sport as catalyst. Postmodernity: the city as neo liberal frontier

The LDA and consultants assert a re-imaging of locality via increased media exposure, and ascribe to major sporting events the power to redefine inhabitants' perception of place (LDA, 2004). They assert that sports facilities will catalyse development and attract business location after the Games. Cultural critics might disagree. Fredric Jameson (1991) points to the "induced disorientation" of much postmodern architecture and a "depthlessness based on the culture of the TV image".


Sport as catalyst. A critique of Olympic economic development strategy

The LDA estimate that in the 'red line area' alone, somewhere between 11,000 and 12,000 jobs could be created (private conversation). Later projections are as high as 35,000 (E. Goodwyn and K Munn, October 11, 2006). However, it is clear that social actions and relationships, development plans and economic strategies, have all been defined by a discourse of uneven development, that of poverty in the Lower Lea Valley and Olympic boroughs (a continuing product).

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The institutionalisation of consent

The political machinery

Support for the Olympics was won by the London 2012 media strategy. The campaign worked assiduously to inhibit public discussion through a process of narrative containment and image management. There has also been a concerted promotion of the Olympic proposals by the Labour local authorities, and by Tessa Jowell in the run up to the May 2006 local elections. Promotion of the Olympic event has been caught up in the self aggrandizement and structural cohesion of the New Labour party machine.

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Travellers protest relocation sites and compensation

Several dozen Gypsy families who are being evicted to make way for the 2012 Olympics are furious that they will receive just £2,200 in compensation for losing homes they have occupied for almost 40 years.

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Universities' thin pickings

Universities may be disappointed if they are expecting to make large amounts of money on the back of the 2012 London Olympics.But the lack of new money and the scarce opportunities to use the Games to increase revenue is not deterring universities from all over the UK wanting to get involved in the run up to 2012.

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Avoiding a drop in tourists

Britain's tourism industry is warning that "woeful" government underfunding could jeopardise its prospects of achieving the target of a £2bn windfall from the London 2012 Olympics. It says that cuts to overseas marketing budgets are symptomatic of the government's failure to treat tourism seriously, and claims that the benefits of staging the games have been hyped by ministers.


Lower Lea Valley Compulsory Purchase Order 2005. Decisions

Compulsory Purchase of Land by LDA in Lower Lea Valley.

Summary of some relevant aspects by Anne Woollett

The London Development Agency ( Lower Lea Valley , Olympic and Legacy) Compulsory Purchase Order 2005.

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Lower Lea Valley CPO. Those remaining

The future of 76 businesses [involving about 800 workers] hangs in the balance after London's Olympic planners received powers to force them to sell their land. The small businesses, which employ about 800 people, are yet to a agree prices for their plots on what is to become the 500-acre Olympic Park in Stratford, east London.

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Would you accept a guarantee from this man?

Ken Livingstone has ‘vowed’ not to raise the Council Tax contribution for the Olympics. Instead he said extra funding would come from ‘the National Lottery, the government and the private sector.' Well he’s certainly right about the National Lottery. That has already been raided for hundreds of millions of pounds originally destined for children’s sport among other things. However, his claims to be able to insist on the government and the private sector footing the bill seem rather less coherent.


Of Lammas Land and Olympic Dreams

Rosemary Johnson addresses the  'small rabble'.Rosemary Johnson addresses the 'small rabble'.

Article written by Anthony ILes

At noon on Sunday, 17th December, 2006 a small rabble made up of walkers, locals, journalists, two shire horses and TV crew met on Marsh Land Fields, E10, one of the remaining green spaces between Leyton and Hackney marshes. Whilst the numbers may be insignificant in terms of recent public protest (2 million at the largest Stop the War march in 2003), the meeting may turn out to be a historic event worth noting.[1]

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Interim Cycling Provision at Royal Docks

British Cycling and the London Development Agency (LDA) have reached an 'in principle' agreement that British Cycling will operate an interim cycling facility at the Royal Docks during 2007, with the support of the LDA. The aim is to help bridge the gap between the closure of Eastway Cycle Circuit (which took place in November this year) and the opening of the replacement Hog Hill Cycle Circuit in Autumn 2007.

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Blair ignorance

It’s official. Ignoring those with a contrary opinion is a policy endorsed from on high. Mr Blair states this in his letter of Tuesday 23rd January to the Guardian. He says:

“There will always be pessimists who claim every setback is a catastrophe. The same people no doubt said that even to bid was a waste of time. I am glad we ignored the doom-mongers then, and we will ignore them now.”


The Repositioning of Citizenship

Extract from: The Repositioning of Citizenship:
Emergent Subjects and Spaces for Politics, Saskia Sassen, Berkeley Journal Of Sociology 4, 2002

…..current conditions in global cities are creating not only new structurations of power but also operational and rhetorical openings for new types of political actors which may have been submerged, invisible or without voice. A key element of the argument here is that the localization of strategic components of globalization in these cities means that the disadvantaged can engage the new forms of globalized corporate power, and secondly that the growing numbers and diversity of the disadvantaged in these cities under these conditions assumes a distinctive “presence.”

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Local housing advice for black and minority ethnic people

Many people from black and minority ethnic (BME) communities face major barriers when accessing housing advice, according to new research published by Shelter.

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Select Committee report on Olympic funding and delivery

House of Commons, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee

London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games: funding and legacy

Second Report of Session 2006–07, published 24 1 07

Conclusions and recommendations

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We can still win the Olympics ... by hacking it back to size

For all the hype, there are no noticeable economic benefits to the Olympics. There may be some gain to smaller cities wanting to boost their world image, such as Atlanta and Barcelona. London has no such need and the IOC has priced small cities out of the market.

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The multinational security games

All workers at the site at Stratford, east London, that is being developed in preparation for the games will be asked to provide electronic fingerprint and iris recognition information to gain access to their workplace under the proposals from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

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ODA office opens in Stratford

Olympic Park planning body opens public office in Burford Road, Stratford., 29 1 07

David Higgins & Lorraine BaldryDavid Higgins & Lorraine Baldry


National Audit Office report

The NAO report concludes:

Our overall conclusion is that the key relationships and working arrangements to deliver the Olympic programme are still being developed. There are a number of areas of risk that will need to be managed but a major risk is the lack of final agreed cost estimates and an accompanying funding package, and this will inevitably have a detrimental impact on the programme if it is allowed to continue.

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House prices soar in Olympic areas

House prices in areas close to the site of the 2012 Olympic games have gone up 15 per cent - equivalent to £35,000 - since London won the bid in July 2005, new research shows.

Halifax Estate Agents' study reveals house prices increased most in Leytonstone, up 23 per cent since London won the bid, followed by Hackney (up 21 per cent), Clapton (18 per cent) and Leyton (13 per cent).


Olympic cost estimate

THE government was rightly lambasted last week by a parliamentary committee for its mismanagement of the 2012 London Olympic finances since winning the games in July 2005. But the Eye has discovered that even as the crowds were erupting in Trafalgar Square two summers ago, the government knew the real costs bore no relation to those set out earlier that day in Lord Coe's decisive presentation to the International Olympic Committee.

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TfL cause chaos for home-going sports fans

The new stadium has a 60,000-seat capacity. Arsenal fans are demanding an end to what they say is match-day transport chaos at the club's new stadium. Supporters complain it can take up to an hour to get away after matches at the 60,000-seat Emirates Stadium. They said a decision not to invest in upgrading Holloway Road and Drayton Park stations had been a mistake.

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Streamlined planning; the developers perspective

Property developers and local authorities in the UK are becoming increasingly frustrated with the government’s approach to planning and infrastructure.

Paul Carter, leader of Kent County Council and himself a property developer, took the opportunity to confront the Housing and Planning Minister Yvette Cooper during a seminar this week at the House of Commons about the damage being done to the cause of sustainable development by the lack of infrastructure funding.

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The factions of the circus

A material difference may be observed in the games of antiquity: the most eminent of the Greeks were actors, the Romans were merely spectators.

The Olympic stadium was open to wealth, merit, and ambition; and if the candidates could depend on their personal skill and activity, they might pursue the footsteps of Diomede and Menelaus, and conduct their own horses in the rapid career.

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