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Rising East Online September 2006 edition

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Regeneration Without End: Urban and Social Change in the East of London since the 1890s —William Mann;

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Affordable Housing not fit for purpose

Further evidence that the regeneration of Thames Gateway is not what it could be comes from a study by the University of East London. It reveals that 82 per cent of homes being built in the region to the east of London are one and two-bedroom flats, raising fears that families will fail to move into the area. The research blamed government targets for the high density of building and gave a warning that we could be repeating the design mistakes of the 1960s and 1970s.

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Olympics Could Close Leyton Underground

INCREASED passenger numbers during the 2012 Olympics could lead to the closure of Leyton Underground station.


ODA Chairman Lemley Resigns

London's Olympic project suffered a serious setback yesterday with the sudden resignation of the American building chief recruited to ensure the project was delivered on time and on budget.

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Olympic Airways Fines

The Commission has today adopted a decision requesting the European Court of Justice to impose a lump sum penalty and a periodic penalty on Greece for its failure to implement its 2002 decision in relation to the recovery of a State aid estimated at least €160 million granted by Greece to Olympic Airways between 1998 and 2002.

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Olympic gains, local losses

DEVELOPERS and residents close to Olympic Park may have to pay increased ground rent or service charges should the facilities for the London Games need cash for their upkeep after 2012.


Migrant Worker Influx

More than 400,000 east Europeans have registered to work in the U.K. since their countries joined the EU in 2004. The government estimated 26,000 would come.

Poland's 15.5 percent unemployment rate is the highest in the EU, compared with 3 percent in Britain. A full-time waitress in Poland making the minimum wage would earn £157 a month, compared with the equivalent of £853 in Britain, according to the European Commission. 100,000 Poles who have moved to London since Poland joined the European Union in 2004, the Federation of Poles in Great Britain says.

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Problems of mixed use development

Mixed-use schemes are seen by many policymakers as a panacea for a variety of problems. To some, mixed use is the solution to the problem of current inadequate housing supply; to others it is a means of delivering sustainable development and sustainable communities.

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Police Commissioner for Security

A new Assistant Commissioner is to be appointed by Scotland Yard with responsibility for the massive security operation that will surround the London 2012 Olympics.


West Ham stadium games

The sports minister, Richard Caborn said: "There is a very serious negotiation going on between West Ham and the Olympic authorities about the stadium. Talks are going on about whether they could do something similar to Manchester City when they took over the Commonwealth Games stadium in 2002."

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Twisted Logic

HUGE play slides could be built in Stratford town centre if a conceptual artist has his way.


Hackney 'slammed'

London's district of Hackney has been slammed as the worst place to live in the UK, according to a poll.

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University of East London expands

With a student population of over 19,000, UEL is undergoing a period of rapid expansion.


New challenges in managing mixed use schemes

It is now commonplace that new developments in the Thames Gateway should include a mix of uses, tenures and incomes. To some, mixed use is the solution to the problem of current inadequate housing supply; to others it is a means of delivering sustainable development and sustainable communities.


Immigrant construction workers aided

The construction industry's training body is setting up an office in Poland to fast-track migrant workers into Britain.


Halifax third quarter house price survey

The report still manages to disappoint with tired cliches in the form of "Olympic effect" quotations, apparently the growth in prices in Tower Hamlets owes nothing to the proximity of the area to City workers and the boom the banking industry has experienced over the past year..


Positive discrimination for disadvantaged athletes

Adedoja Atanda is 13. She likes dance, violin and football and, all things being equal, she is destined to take part in the 2012 Olympics.

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City Airport sale

LONDON City Airport is to be sold to a US consortium including insurance company AIG for an undisclosed amount. Although the sale sum has not been announced, reports suggested it could be £750 million.


Suburban pensioners protest levy

PENSIONERS are gearing up for a showdown with Bexley Council over the Olympic levy on London's council taxpayers. The pensioners are angry Mr Livingstone did not consult Londoners before announcing the levy and Londoners will also have to underwrite any debt from the Olympic Games.

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Grilled about McDonalds

Britain's Olympic bosses have been grilled over a major sponsorship deal with McDonald's. The London Green Party said the deal flouted a bid promise to use "local, seasonal and organic" food at the London 2012 Games.

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IOC whistleblower dies

Marc Hodler, the senior Swiss member of the International Olympic Committee, who in 1998 exposed widespread bribe-taking among the Olympic delegates who decided where the Games would take place, died Wednesday in Bern, Switzerland. He was 87.

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The Greenest Games?

One of the most galling aspects of the London bid campaign was the rush of support from establishment environmentalists and political ecologists, predicated on a statement underpinning Olympic development proposals of a low and renewable energy principle, intensive recycling of waste, low emissions, and 'sustainable' procurement. Jonathan Porritt, the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV), Groundwork, the London Wildlife Trust, and the BioRegional Development Group have all pinned their colours to the Olympic mast in the hope of grabbing chunks of Olympic funding.

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Wildlife casualties and habitat destruction

AllotmentsAllotments near Bully Point Nature Reserve Information in this section is sourced from a report by environmental consultant Annie Chipchase, and a statement by Anne Woollett, Chair of the Hackney Marsh User Group, made in Febrary 2005, unless stated.

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Loakes' Boosterettes

Waltham Forest Council launched its Youth Ambassadors for the London 2012 Olympics on Wednesday at the home of Leyton Orient.


Eton Manor Windmill

THE 2012 Olympics will be powered by a giant wind turbine which will tower over the game park in East London. The 120-metre high turbine will stay on the site after the Games to power local amenities and housing over its 20-year lifespan.

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