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Not the Olympics: Vancouver tourism depends on convention centre

The second summer followng the Winter Olympics of 2010 has shown a fall in overnight stays in Vancouver. Instead of a legacy from the Olympics tourism has depended on the Vancouver Convention Centre.

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2012 Tourism catastrophe gathers pace

The 2012 Olympics catastrophe threatening London's tourism industry is growing apace.

Mario Bodini of Uk Inbound and JAC Travel is warning: ‘Currently, for 2012, we are projecting increased bookings in places like Paris and Amsterdam and a decline in London.’

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JAC Travel tells hoteliers to jack in Locog

BoJo's apology does not seem to have stemmed the revolt among London's hoteliers and travel operators. JAC Travel, the UK’s largest inbound tour operator, is now encouraging hoteliers to break with Locog.

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BoJo apologises to hotels - 'T'was Cook that done it'

Now BoJo has had to apologise to London hoteliers for blaming them rather than Thomas Cook for jacking up room prices for the London Olympics.

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Corrupt Olympic fantasies

The tourism disaster which is London 2012 is turning from a gale into a hurricane. Hotels, outraged by the price gouging being practised by LOCOG's partners Thomas Cook and CoSport, are withdrawing rooms from its preferential-rate scheme. A while back SCoeLtd blamed hotels for jacking up prices and threatening London's good name. However, hotels hit back accusing LOCOG and its partners of being behind the abominable inflation. At the heart of the matter is the undisclosed payment made by Thomas Cook and CoSport to LOCOG to become official resellers of these rooms. This kind of corruption lies at the heart of the Olympic system whereby a range of commercial organisations pay Organising Committees to gain monopolistic access to the Games. Price gouging was supposed to be outlawed at the 2012 Games. In reality it is central to the whole event.

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Overhyped fantasies of bonanza

The European Tour Operators Association gets it right again. After multiple attempts to warn the various Olympic hype merchants that there would be no tourism benefits from the London Olympics its predictions of an actual decline in tourism are coming true. Among those taken in by the hype are hotels which have been jacking up their prices in expectation of a visitor bonanza. This has only added to the developing disaster and brought BoJo out in hives as he warns of 'repercussions for years to come' if London gets it wrong.

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Going for Gold: Globalizing the Olympics, Localizing the Games. J. R. Short

This paper discusses the siting of the Summer Olympic Games at the global, national and local scales. The increasing corporatization of the Games is examined. Their use in city marketing campaigns is evaluated.

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