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Occupying the Olympics?

Occupying the Olympics: What can be done? (From @tentcityuni) #occupy2012

by Jennifer Jones
November 21st, 2011 | Published in #Media2012 and the Olympic Games, Activism, Citizen Media, Featured, London2012

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15,000 or 50,000? Lowcog's Greenwich capacity overload

Reproduced below is a press release from Nogoe2012 concerning the capacity of Greenwich Park. Greenwich Park's own 'Guidelines for Event Organisers 2010' refers to the Park having a capacity of 'up to 15,000', well short of the 50,000 tickets Lowcog has sold or the 68,000 referred to in its planning documents. Go to Nogoe2012 for more details.

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bromley by bow community organisation

Via @danhancox

"They just want to get us in prison for the Olympics" must-watch film of young Bow residents

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Flatfooted on the Flats?

Another London 2012 Judicial Review looms. This time it's a local resident Michael Pelling who, along with the Save the Wanstead Flats campaign, is challenging the quality of the consultation by the Home Office for the Flatfoot takeover of Wanstead Flats.

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Canford Bottom 'lied to, ignored, humiliated, run over roughshod'

A local road improvement scheme at Wimborne in Dorset which was to have been delayed while an impact study was carried out following protests will now go ahead because the Government has belatedly admitted it is key to the Olympics Route Network.

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fixed gear single speed

Of the diverse community groups threatened by displacement from the 2012 site, Eastway Users Group cyclists were first to cut a deal with the ODA. Perhaps they're about to become the last to be

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What's WickED?

This story has been updated as it has developed.

What's wicked? What exactly is going on with Hackney WickED? Or with London2012? The HackneyWickED Art Festival has succumbed to the blandishments of the London Olympics. It now includes the OPLC as one of its 'sponsors and partners'.

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