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Flatfooted on the Flats?

Another London 2012 Judicial Review looms. This time it's a local resident Michael Pelling who, along with the Save the Wanstead Flats campaign, is challenging the quality of the consultation by the Home Office for the Flatfoot takeover of Wanstead Flats.

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Who guards the budget?

So the 2012 Olympics security budget has expanded again, this time by some £150million because Locog underestimated the number of security guards needed to process visitors to prevent long queues developing. The total budget is now being put at £1billion but that fails to take account of Baroness Neville-Jones' statement back in December 2010 that much of the national security spend for 2012 would go on the Olympics, in addition to Locog's budget, which she had said took the total for security at the Olympics to over £2billion.

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It's a riot! A Cop's East London Olympics

The following was being circulated by email among rank and file police officers even before the riots.

London Olympics 2012.

London (Stratford) will be hosting the Olympic Games in 2012.

You may not know that many of the famous events, which go to make up this spectacular event, are to be altered for 2012. A copy of these changes has been leaked, and is reproduced below:

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Beech Volleyball Anarchists?

Last week those proud liberals at the Independent on Sunday passed on the message from the authorities that they thought the 2010 Olympics faced a greater threat of disruption from 'anarchist protesters than Islamist terrorism'.

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Bang! Bang! No need to inform the public

Fun and games once again for the SAS and the Met. A live fire anti-terror drill was carried out at the Athletes' Village last weekend. According to the Standard 'Much of last weekend's action occurred inside the accommodation blocks, out of sight and sound, so that the public did not need to be informed.'

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The Internal Tourism Experience

Cover image of <em>Philosophy of Olympism</em>, Ljubodrag SimonovicCover image of Philosophy of Olympism, Ljubodrag Simonovic

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The Olympics, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Podium Conference 2011: Panel at the Podium Conference Countdown to the Games February 2011.  Copyright ©2011 sytaffelPodium Conference 2011: Copyright ©2011 sytaffel

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Sacred Olympic truce? Not quite what they think

Some of our legislators have been talking rubbish again about the Olympics. They seem to think the ancient Olympics were all about peace! Lord Bates opined: 'My Lords, I am very grateful to my noble friend for that positive response, but is she aware that the entire purpose of the ancient Olympic Games was peace?' He then compounded his error by saying: 'The core of the Olympic Truce was to promote the Olympic ideals, to use sport to help promote dialogue and reconciliation, especially between nations in conflict.'

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