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Coca Cola workers - strike report

Just a few miles up the Lea Valley in Edmonton, Olympics TOP partners (ie top level sponsors) have a factory. This report of the current strike is reposted from Harringey Solidarity Network

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Passionate about PR

Passionate about BS PR? If you can not only believe the hype but also demonstrate a track record of eagerness to help perpetuate it, this could be

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Unpaid McJobs Available in the Olympics

Olympics McJobs: photo: fakelvis  on Flickrphoto: fakelvis on Flickr

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Kevin Blowe on the demise of the Food Standards Agency and the announcement that

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Only one Hackney apprentice on Olympics site

The Hackney Citizen reports:

Only one Hackney apprentice on Olympics site: MP Diane Abbott slams low numbers of opportunities for local people

After discovering that only one apprentice working on the Olympics site comes from Hackney, local MP Diane Abbott has called on the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) to address the low numbers of apprentices on the Olympic site as a matter of urgency.

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50,000 jobs? Treat our projections 'with caution’ - LDA

During his recent foray into East London with the cabinet Gordon Brown once again played up the job benefits of the Olympics saying "Thanks to the Olympics, thousands of jobs are being created and protected in some of the industries worst hit by the recession - and in some of Britain's most deprived areas." Back in January he claimed the 2012 Olympics would create 50,000 new jobs, a considerable advance on the Compulsory Purchase Inquiry in 2006 when the LDA was saying there would be 6,000 net new jobs arising from the Olympics. With a budget of £9.34billion and rising, along with more spending to come after the Games, there should indeed be some new jobs, but specifically how many, in what employment sectors and how many would have been created if the Olympics hadn’t happened? I decided to ask some Freedom of Information questions to see if the LDA could be more specific.

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Construction Workers demonstrate for legal and fair working conditions at Olympic site

Listening to Bob Crow RMT Gen Secretary: .Listening to Bob Crow RMT Gen Secretary: .Photo © Martin Slavin

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What happened to the relocated businesses? LDA FOI response

According to the LDA the four Olympic Boroughs, Newham, Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest lost a total of 93 companies employing 1245 staff as a result of the relocation of businesses. A total of 209 businesses employing 4964 staff were relocated. 25 businesses closed completely with a loss of 65 jobs. A further 10 businesses employing 54 staff are not accounted for.

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