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Acceptance of Grant of Sports and Play Equipment [AdiZone] report to Greenwich Council

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Clause 7.2 of especial interest in respect of legacy costs.

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Back to the Past - OPLC wants Housing Legacy for the Middle Classes

Legacy housing to meet the desperate housing shortage facing the better off appears to be the grand design of the OPLC. Regeneration 'expert' Lady Ford considers back to basics neo-Georgian and Regency housing on a grander scale is what is needed: "London is crying out for decent-quality family housing both to rent and to buy and, given the assets here, this is destined to be a park for London families. I think this masterplan has a much sharper focus and reflects the best of London."

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I'll tell you a story

The disinformation continues:
According to the blurb Bob Allies, Allies & Morrison, Games and legacy masterplanners; Stephen Bayley, architecture and design writer for the The Times, author of Labour Camp; Ricky Burdett, Centennial Professor of Architecture and Urbanism, LSE and advisor to the Olympic Park Legacy Company; Tony Hall, director of Cultural Olympiad and chief executive of the Royal Opera House and Alison Nimmo, Director of Design and Regeneration, Olympic Development Authority will be discussing that "largest new urban park in Europe for over 150 years" at London and the Olympics: Predicting the legacy of the 21st century, in one of BoJo's Story of London gigs at the British Library?

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A little 'hyperlocal' legacy

Last weekend an 'unconference' took place both on- and offline - London Neighbourhoods Online. By Monday two new hyperlocal blogs had sprung up in Olympic boroughs, both started by famous figures within the London Blogosphere.

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An extra hour in bed will sort out sport participation

It seems sports administrators have finally decided the Olympics and other high profile elite sports events will not inspire the nation to participate in sport. They now argue the solution is as simple as winding up the clock or at least moving the time on an hour. If we could only have an extra hour of daylight in the evening sporting success would follow. Why, we might win the World Cup and have a Wimbledon winner at last! Well, at least we could reduce the chances of hearing 'Bad light stops play' which, according to Mike Gatting, 'is one of the most frustrating sentences you can hear in a cricket context'.

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Working for free - BoJo's Olympic solution to the cuts

So this is the Olympic future, working for nothing! Volunteering seems to be BoJo's vision of a great Olympic Legacy, a solution to the demolition of the public sector in the name of cutting the deficit.

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Crude and brutal scams underlying the Delhi Commonwealth Games

From: Heritage Games, cleaning up the debris, Hazards Centre, 2010

Beginning from July 2010 there has been a glare of floodlights on the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. In the early weeks media hounds began enquiring into the state of preparedness with photographs of inchoate ditches and rubble, loose masonry and cement, incomplete roofs and walls. Then the first rains came and, as everything began leaking and the water gathered, the focus changed to the impediments to traffic and the inconvenience to the public.

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