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2012 Legacy Housing Double Counting: ODA admits housing for Athletes' Village 'would have been built anyway'.

The ODA has had to admit that housing for the Athletes' Village being built at Stratford City, now renamed Stratford 2011, would have been built anyway, making a nonsense of the claims of a Housing Legacy from the Village, see the attached FOI response. To justify its continued insistence that the Village does indeed have a Legacy value the ODA is resorting to the argument that the housing on the Stratford City site would not have been delivered until much later, if it had not been for the Olympics.

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'One World, Whose Dream? Housing Rights Violations and the Beijing Olympic Games'

The Beijing Olympics has displaced 1.5 million people since 2000, according to the Geneva-based Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE). A new COHRE report, One World, Whose Dream? Housing Rights Violations and the Beijing Olympic Games, has found that the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) decision to award the Games to Beijing has been a catalyst in increasing forced evictions and displacements in Beijing.

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A peer gets confused about Clays Lane.

The website ‘They work for you’, referring to the various members of Parliament, Lords and Commons, contains some interesting interventions. Among the peers are the party apparatchiks who have been promoted to fill the benches on account of their ‘soundness’. One such is Lord Haworth, a former Secretary to the Parliamentary Labour Party, who made an eccentric contribution to the House of Lords debate on 17th January 2008 concerning the regeneration of the Lea Valley (see his attached speech). He states that his ‘only qualification’ for speaking is that he lived for more than 20 years in the Lower Lea Valley, which suggests that an awful lot of people are better qualified than he to speak on the subject.

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Canada's poor are not getting adequate housing and a proper poverty reduction strategy

Report of the UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living, Miloon Kothari

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Beyond Belief in the Olympic Zone

There is a credibility gap between what people in local voluntary bodies have been told by professionals in the Olympic industry and what local volunteers' experiences of outcomes has been. This has happened most to those local voluntary bodies which have been affected by relocations from sites within the boundaries of the Olympic Park.

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Dereliction, 2012 Olympics style

When does a building on the Olympic site become derelict? The answer, when the LDA takes it over. The 2012 blog (see below) describes a tower block, which used to belong to the University of East London, as having been 'derelict for a number of years'. So I wonder how that came about? Maybe the building was abandoned due to its appalling state? No, it was rendered derelict by the LDA after they took it over from the University of East London in the summer of 2005.

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COHRE names the 2007 winners of its Violator, Protector and Defender Housing Rights Awards

Roma in Jakubovany, SlovakiaRoma in Jakubovany, Slovakia

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