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Beijing 2008

Put out more (Olympic) flags

.: The Olympic flame passes brightly through somewhere in the the Uyghur Autonomous Province !The Olympic flame passes brightly through somewhere in the the Uyghur Autonomous Province !

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Barbaric Sport - a Global Plague by Marc Perelman

Barbaric Sport by Marc PerelmanBarbaric Sport by Marc Perelman

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The Spectacular Construction of an Olympic Metropolis - Anne-Marie Broudehoux

The Spectacular Construction of an Olympic Metropolis
Anne-Marie Broudehoux
University of Quebec, Montreal

ABSTRACT: This article presents a critical review of Beijing’s Olympic redevelopment, and of the social, economic, and political impacts of hosting mega events as a means of urban image construction. Through an analysis of Olympic projects, city marketing initiatives, and their impact on the city’s material and cultural landscape, this article postulates that Beijing’s spatial restructuring and image construction program played an important role in exacerbating the profound inequalities that have come to epitomize China’s transition to capitalism within an autocratic political system. Acting as a developmental engine legitimating large-scale urban transformations, the Olympics have helped concentrate economic and political power in the hands of a coalition of government leaders and private investors and allowed their interests to dominate the planning agenda. Beijing’s spectacular Olympic preparations have in many ways acted as a propaganda tool and an instrument of pacification to divert popular attention from the shortcomings of China’s rapid economic transformation, accompanied by rampant land speculation, corruption, and uneven development.

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The uses of children for London 2012

Back in October 2010 a row broke out over tickets to London 2012 events for children, particularly those from the East End. BoJo hit back saying 120,000 free tickets would be provided for schoolchildren. Now it transpires most of those tickets will be for Paralympic events or football games. About a million football tickets are still unsold. Only one in three children with a ticket will get to see a 'core event'. In London one in eight children is expected to get a ticket but only one in twenty-four will get to see such a core event.

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Ai Weiwei: No joy from Olympics in Beijing

Ai Weiwei, designer of the Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing, says 'None of my art represents Beijing. The Bird's Nest – I never think about it. After the Olympics, the common folks don't talk about it because the Olympics did not bring joy to the people.'

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Beijing Olympics: How's this for cost inflation?

@bobmackin: Beijing wrestles with $70B (ca £40B) bill for 2008 #Olympics. Yes, $70B. Earlier invoice: £20B

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Beijing Olympics Human Rights Legacy - More Repression

Remember those promises from the IOC that the Beijing Olympics would result in improvements in China's human rights record? Francois Carrard told the BBC: 'If the Games were not awarded to China the (human rights) situation would not have progressed, this is a contribution to progress, an accelerating factor.' Monsieur Carrard went on 'I'm convinced that when we look at this with the perspective of history we will see that the Olympic Games will have been an opportunity for considerable progress.'

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The Commercial Games

The Commercial Games - How Commercialism is Overrunning the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

"The Olympics claim to stand for pure ideals, for sports, culture and education. Unfortunately, the overwhelming cultural influence at the Olympics is now commercial culture; and the overwhelming informational message is: buy, buy, buy."

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