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Beijing 2008

Amnesty highlights Beijing Olympics human rights violations

Amnesty International has produced a report which draws attention to the use of the Olympics as a pretext to extend the use of detention without trial.

According to the report moves to reform or abolish 'Re-education through Labour' - administrative detention without charge or trial - remain stalled, with its use in Beijing being extended in order to 'clean up' the city in time for August 2008. The Beijing police have also recently suggested that another form of detention without trial, 'Compulsory Drug Rehabilitation', may be extended from six months to one year to force drug users to 'give up their addictions before the Olympics'.

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No human rights please, the IOC is a sports organisation

China's proposal to carry the Beijing Olympic torch through Taiwan and Tibet has focussed attention on China's human rights record, its occupation of Tibet and failure to support action over Sudan's behaviour in Darfur.

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Hurricane flattens Birmingham (shurely shome mishtake – Ed)

Tuesday 5th April saw a hurricane tear through the Midlands city of Birmingham. Aid teams rushed to the stricken city and surrounding towns where 1.4 million residents have lost their homes. I watched in horror… (stop there. I’ve checked, Birmingham’s still standing. What’s going on? This is a website about the Olympics – Ed)

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Make 'em an offer they cain't refuse

A Chinese Government campaign requiring Tibetan villagers to rebuild their houses under strict official specifications is leading to poverty rather than boosting economic development, according to a report by the New York based Human Rights Watch.

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Kelsang Nortso's Day

Greetings everybody. Welcome to the first day of my Solar New Year. Which day I hereby name Kelsang Nortso Day. Read and see the video of my story of the day below.

Martin Slavin

The Chinese authorities are trying to limit the number of climbers on Mount Everest’s north side in Tibet. Officially the Chinese are preparing a trial run of the torch relay for the Olympic Games on the summit, but many speculate that the real reason is that Everest is close to Cho Oyu where Chinese army guards shot at Tibetan refugees in September.

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IOC policy on journalists freedoms in Beijing 2008

The Committee to Protect Journalists board member Jane Kramer, European correspondent for The New Yorker, and CPJ Senior Research Associate Kristin Jones, meeting today with IOC Olympic Games Executive Director Gilbert Felli and Communications Director Giselle Davies at IOC headquarters in Lausanne, called attention to increasing restrictions on the press in China and urged the IOC to raise concerns during the run-up to the Olympic Games in Beijing in August 2008.with the Chinese government.

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Vietnam offers dollars for gold in Beijing

Vietnam will stump up $5,000 to any athlete who can bring home the country's first Olympic gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Games. "If athletes can win money, maybe this will help us to win medals."


Beijing retail therapy

Germany's Metro Group, the world's third largest retailer, has opened its second store in Beijing on Wednesday. The store is Metro's 33rd in China, and comes just three months after the opening of its first store in the capital city.


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