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Beijing 2008

The Beijing Olympiad, China's Human Rights Record and Western Orientalism

The Beijing Olympiad: The Political Economy of a Sporting Mega-Event, Paul Close, David Askew, Xu Xin.
Routledge, 2006, ISBN-13: 978-0415357012


Who says sport and politics don't mix?

Sportsmen and women may not be renowned for being politically outspoken. The most notorious example of pressure being applied to British sportsmen was in 1938 when the English football team was ordered by the FA and the Foreign Office to give the Nazi salute before a friendly match in Germany.

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Officials to review gag on Beijing Olympic athletes

The British Olympic Association is to review its athletes' contract for the Beijing Games after criticism of a clause which had prevented competitors from making political statements in China. The clause, which appeared to go beyond the requirements of the Olympic charter, will be softened although athletes who engage in overt political demonstrations or statements could still risk being sent home.

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2012 Olympics blind eye on Beijing abuse

Despite the constant flow of reports from China of human rights abuses, evictions, beatings, arrests and the imprisonment of protesters in the run up to the 2008 Olympic Games Britain’s political and sports elites continue to fawn over the Beijing Olympics. Whereas the United States and the EU, along with human rights organisations, are reported to be protesting at the arrest of a prominent human rights activist, Hu Jia, the Chinese Xinhua Agency (see below) is delighted to be able to report the enthusiastic support offered by the likes of Coe, Brown and Livingstone.

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Beijing 2008 Games Boycott alerts

A few days ago, about 30 police officers broke into the home of Chinese activist Hu Jia and took him away. His wife, fellow activist Zeng Jinyan, is now under house arrest. At least 10 security personnel guard her home. Mr Hu's arrest comes as China celebrates the start of one of its most important years in recent history.

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COHRE names the 2007 winners of its Violator, Protector and Defender Housing Rights Awards

Roma in Jakubovany, SlovakiaRoma in Jakubovany, Slovakia

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China to evict petitioners before Olympics

Aggrieved citizens from China's provinces live in a crowded Beijing village while petitioning the government, which plans to raze the village ahead of the Olympics.

For centuries, Chinese with grievances against hometown officials have trekked to Beijing to appeal to central authorities for legal redress. They must often stay for months, or longer, living in petitioners' settlements while they pursue their cases.

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