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Who in Chicago wants the 2016 Olympics ?

ANYBODY GOT $500 million collecting dust under the couch? If you live in Chicago, take a second look between those cushions. The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has let it be known that the people of the Windy City could pay out as much as $500 million if they are awarded the 2016 Summer Games.

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Chicago HOT for 2016 Olympics

At what was basically a pep rally Tuesday for the city's business elite, Mayor Richard M. Daley touted Chicago as the best city for the U.S. bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Daley listed several reasons why Chicago should be chosen, including its position as one of the top economic centers in the world, its ability to handle large crowds, its residents' love of athletic competitions and the natural beauty of the city -- with Lake Michigan providing a backdrop for many of the events. Daley also said the Chicago proposal has the benefit of being compact. All the athletes would be located within 15 minutes of the venues where they would compete, he said.

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Beijing Pensioners protest

Olympic organisers in China will be judged on more than their buildings in the run up to the Olympics.

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Meanwhile; back in the real world

Parents all over British Columbia are shouting for joy. Care to know why? Well, the province is contemplating closing our schools for two weeks during the 2010 Olympics so that students will have time to feast on the Olympic spirit by becoming real participants in this life-changing event.

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