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London Olympic chiefs defend executive salaries

London Olympic chiefs defended the salaries of its top executives on Thursday after it emerged some were earning up to 100,000 pounds more than first thought.About seven senior executives at the Olympic Delivery Authority are being paid more than 200,000 pounds. The authority published the salaries of its executives in its annual report for 2006/7, but the report only included the amount earned so far that year.

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Collusion or cock-up over bid costings?

Some more fascinating evidence about how the original bid costings were £5bn too low emerged from the House of Commons Public Accounts Select Committee deliberations on 14 Nov 2007.

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Rising Olympic costs slammed as catastrophic

  • Entire £2.7bn contingency fund is to be used up
  • Final London 2012 bill will be three times bid figure

The most pessimistic estimates of the final bill for the London 2012 Olympics were vindicated yesterday when the most senior civil servant involved on the project admitted that the entire £2.7bn contingency fund for the project would probably be spent.

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ODA/LDA Chaotic Project Management style

Martin Slavin writes: A consistent pattern of behaviour exhibited by ODA/LDA personnel we have encountered has become apparent to all of us who have been actively involved in the critical appraisal and/or opposition to the Olympic development. It is their chaotic project management.

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'The Olympic Cash Machine' on Channel 4

For the past six months, Dispatches has been investigating the London 2012 Olympics. Undertaking a forensic examination of who the real winners and losers are likely to be as a result of hosting the Games, reporter Antony Barnett reveals that, for a lucky few, the personal financial benefits could be huge.

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Public Accounts Committee Report on Olympic Preparations

Conclusions and recommendations

We have considered seven main areas of risk, and our specific conclusions and recommendations on each are as follows.

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Olympic panel

EXPERTS are being urged to apply for membership of a new, independent panel aimed at ensuring the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Specialists with experience of a major construction project or public event, and with social, environmental, and economic backgrounds are needed to form the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012.

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Streamlined planning; the developers perspective

Property developers and local authorities in the UK are becoming increasingly frustrated with the government’s approach to planning and infrastructure.

Paul Carter, leader of Kent County Council and himself a property developer, took the opportunity to confront the Housing and Planning Minister Yvette Cooper during a seminar this week at the House of Commons about the damage being done to the cause of sustainable development by the lack of infrastructure funding.

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