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Space Hijackers should award this spieler free membership

I know its been a long day but the Five Ring Circus engages unsung volunteers who give it their all. Some achieve transcendental states of delusion.

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legacy lost

Spread from Occupied Times: Occupied Times 15
My piece in Occupied Times 15 'In Search Of Legacies Lost' will soon appear here, fully referenced (at time of writing it remains embargoed).

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and another one bites the 'dust'?

So Andy Altman resigns. As the Standard would have it:

@standardnews 15:01
Olympics chief Andy Altman resigns amid concerns over main Games stadium

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Cooeee, Jacques Rogge! You're in town again with your IOC chums and SebCo and all for another of your inspection thingies, yeah? In advance of tomorrow's

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names in the frame

Richard Relton representing Sead Dizdarevic's Jet Set Sports, and Peter Moore, head of Olympic packages at Thomas Cook's agency Iluka, both appear - courtesy of secret filming - in Channel 4's Olympic Tickets for Sale, each claiming ability to sell access to the London 2012 ORN Zil Lanes.

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Will Self nails it?

Flagged up by Paul on the Newsgroup is Anna Minton's latest piece on CiF, The London Olympics: a festival of private Britain.

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16th October 1968: the Black Power Salute

the Black Power Salute: 16th October 1968, screenshot from Democracy Now's piece on John Carlos, 1968 Olympic U.S. Medalist, on the Revolutionary Sports Moment that Changed the World, see Black Power Salute: 16th October 1968, screenshot from Democracy Now

Reposted below are both parts of Democracy Now's exclusive interview with John Carlos and Dave Zirin, shedding new light and detail on the people and events around the Mexico 1968 Games, the student massacre, the Black Power Salute, Tommie Smith, Peter Norman, John Carlos, Avery Brundage...

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squids in

LOCOG published its 2010-11 annual report this week. Pages 69 & 70 (71 & 72 in the PDF) are the most fun, as Kevin Blowe pointed out:

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