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Private Housing

'A wee person' to be evicted for Glasgow Games

‘Just a person in a wee flat’ Margaret Jaconelli, the last person left living on the site of the Athletes’ Village for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, has been told she will be evicted. She protests that she has been offered totally inadequate compensation for the compulsory purchase of her flat and will be unable to buy a replacement property.

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On top of TescoTown, an IkeaTown

Paul Norman reveals that IKEA have acquired the Sugar House Lane site for housing development.

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Tessa tells us 50,000 homes!

Flagged up recently on our newsgroup was an article on the opendalston blog on the financial difficulties facing developers Barratts, contractors for the so-called Dalston Olympic Transport Interchange and numerous building projects around Stratford High St.

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Property hotspots in the Olympic Boroughs

The London Olympics are five years away but now is the time to buy, says Sheila Prophet

The countdown has begun for the 2012 Olympic Games and with less than five years to go, London's East End is already feeling the buzz, with investors flocking to locations around the future Olympic Park and its huge regeneration area.


House prices soar in Olympic areas

House prices in areas close to the site of the 2012 Olympic games have gone up 15 per cent - equivalent to £35,000 - since London won the bid in July 2005, new research shows.

Halifax Estate Agents' study reveals house prices increased most in Leytonstone, up 23 per cent since London won the bid, followed by Hackney (up 21 per cent), Clapton (18 per cent) and Leyton (13 per cent).


Chicago HOT for 2016 Olympics

At what was basically a pep rally Tuesday for the city's business elite, Mayor Richard M. Daley touted Chicago as the best city for the U.S. bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Daley listed several reasons why Chicago should be chosen, including its position as one of the top economic centers in the world, its ability to handle large crowds, its residents' love of athletic competitions and the natural beauty of the city -- with Lake Michigan providing a backdrop for many of the events. Daley also said the Chicago proposal has the benefit of being compact. All the athletes would be located within 15 minutes of the venues where they would compete, he said.

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Displacement of Private Tenants

Probable impacts of the Lower Lea Valley Developments (particularly the Olympics phase) on tenants in privately rented accommodation.

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