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Eastway Cyclists struggle with the ODA planners

Below is the press release from the official governing body of our sport... Reading between the long, wordy, lines, it seems that British Cycling are now realising what the Eastway Users' Group has been telling them all along; that the plans for the new velodrome didn't show good enough facilities for a road or a mountain bike circuit. And without the bulldozing of these circuits, there wouldn't be any Olympic Park at all...

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2012 Games Site Preparation

Road closures

Road, cycle and pedestrian routes across the Olympic Park

Preparation works are now underway on the Olympic Park site As part of these works it is essential to close some road, pedestrian and cycle routes on 2 July Details of routes that will be affected are:

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Cycling on the road to nowhere

Users of the former Eastway Cycling facility in East London are currently protesting against plans for the 2012 Olympic Velo-park which they say will leave them without a facility for mountain bike racing in London. Pull up a chair, this is a long ol' story...

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Less facilities for more money

Two stories in the local papers catch my eye for showing how fragile are boosterist promises about investment levels particularly in the aftermath of the Five Ring Circus leaving town.

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Roads and public rights of way within the Olympic Park

2012 Games Site Preparation

Important information - Roads and public rights of way within the Olympic Park

A year on from London winning the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games for London, work has begun to prepare the Olympic Park. This tells you about some of the work taking place in your area over the next 12 months and what this might mean for you. We will keep you informed of progress through leaflets, through local newspapers and on signs around the area.

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Interim Cycling Provision at Royal Docks

British Cycling and the London Development Agency (LDA) have reached an 'in principle' agreement that British Cycling will operate an interim cycling facility at the Royal Docks during 2007, with the support of the LDA. The aim is to help bridge the gap between the closure of Eastway Cycle Circuit (which took place in November this year) and the opening of the replacement Hog Hill Cycle Circuit in Autumn 2007.

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Off yer bike

AFTER more than 30 years as home to London's cycle-racing scene, the Eastway Cycle Circuit in London's Lee Valley was closed in November to make way for the 2012 Olympics.

When the Olympic and Legacy planning permissions were granted in 2004, one of the conditions for the main Olympic Park site in Lee Valley was that the Olympic strategy should "ensure the continuity of suitable circuit facilities throughout the Olympic Construction"

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Sustrans Goal 2012

GOAL 2012 is Sustrans’ vision of a sustainable transport infrastructure for the London Olympic Games, and now British Cycling has pledged its support for the idea. Greenways for the Olympics and London, or GOAL 2012, is Sustrans' vision of how the Olympics and London can capitalise on the opportunity presented by 2012 to create a sustainable transport infrastructure that would benefit both visitors to the Games and Londoners.

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