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LVRPA identifies 2012 Olympics as ‘a major risk’!

The Lea Valley Regional Park Authority seems to be a trifle confused. In its 2007/8 accounts it identifies the 2012 Olympics as ‘a major risk that could affect all our key business objectives into the future.’ It goes on to say ‘The award of the Olympics to London will affect our land, business, financial and human resources. At this stage it is too early to fully assess the precise impact.’ Later on it goes on restate the problem ‘It is important that the Authority remains focused on the issues and related risk of the Olympics, and that the new Strategic Business Plan reflects the effect of the Olympics risk on our business objectives.’

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Olympic Development Authority re-brand Transport for London lorry safety initiative

.: White bike memorial to a cyclist killed by a lorry at Middleton Rd in Hackney in 2008.White bike memorial to a cyclist killed by a lorry at Middleton Rd in Hackney in 2008.

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Velopark plans well received by future users

Latest Velopark planLatest Velopark plan

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'Secrets in the Blood' coming to the Beijing Olympics ?

In the run up to the Beijing Olympics, Matt McGrath sets out to expose corruption, drug use and cover-ups at the highest levels in sport. BBC World Service Investigation

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Beyond Belief in the Olympic Zone

There is a credibility gap between what people in local voluntary bodies have been told by professionals in the Olympic industry and what local volunteers' experiences of outcomes has been. This has happened most to those local voluntary bodies which have been affected by relocations from sites within the boundaries of the Olympic Park.

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Eastway Cyclists visit Hog Hill Circuit

Riders from some of East London’s leading clubs viewed Hog Hill’s new cycle circuit which is being built by the London Development Agency (LDA) to relocate the Eastway Cycle Circuit. They gave the thumbs up to that part of the circuit which will be open in March on their visit to the upper fields where an ‘indy circuit’ of less than 1km is being built. They saw how it features several bends and climbs that will be an ideal short training circuit.

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When will the cyclists get adequate training facilities ?

NewteredNewteredPhoto from

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Eastway Cyclists sold short by ODA

Letter to the East London Advertiser

THE Olympics Development Agency has missed yet more deadlines for relocating our cycle circuit at Hackney Wick which closed last November.

London's 2012 Olympics has been nothing but a total loss for road-race, time-trial and mountain-bike cross-country that we used to do so successfully at Eastway.

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