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Habitat and wildlife

A Fence Too Far - Leyton Marsh rebellion continues

Save our Marsh - 10 Mar 2012Save our Marsh - 10 Mar 2012

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just not cricket?

Perhaps that fragile 'Legacy' shifts quicker than the underground aquifers round here: Some of the new cricket pitches (and what remains of the wildflower meadow) might want digging up for new flood protection (to protect the posh in those 'new neighbourhoods' downriver)?

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Losing the Marshes

A story of what happens when the Olympics comes to town. The Olympic Games and the attendant juggernaut of its needs will threaten an area rich in history and loved by its community and visitors from the rest of London. Hackney has its own unique qualities, a wealth of community projects and a history of great significance and symmetry with today and the prescience for the behemoth of the Olympics, steadily rolling into view.

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machine and dust

In The Gold Machine Iain Sinclair blogs on his evening out on Nina Pope's Floating Cinema and (with pictures) the essential pre-history - his famous Kayak trip with Stephen Gill.

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Manor Garden Allotments ODA picnic invite insult

Hitting a new low of poor taste in PR, plotholders evicted from the historic Manor Garden Allotments received an invitation from the Olympic Delivery Authority to see the 'progress' on the Olympic landscaping for which the ODA demolished their gardens three years ago. The photo on the invite is taken from a spot near the middle of the old allotment site, which stretched down to the bridge embankment in the upper left.

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London 2012: not for fish or rabbits.

By Mike Wells

Dead fish down stream of Olympic ParkDead fish down stream of Olympic Park You gotta break some eggs to make an omelette. And apparently you gotta to do some damage for 3 weeks of sport. Which must be why, as a part of the Olympic Project, hundreds of rabbits were gassed to death, thousands of trees were cut down, and why 2.5 square kilometres of land was cleansed of small mammals and wild birds. Some people were also upset about the stray cats.

Within the Olympic zone are a large number of waterways, and now has come the chance for the fish in those waterways to pay the ultimate price.

The 5,000 volt Electric fence around the Olympic Park means it isn't the kind of place you can just turn up to check out an anonymous tip-off of fish kill.

My information was there were large numbers of dead fish which were being deliberately flushed out of the Olympic Park through a new lock. There were reports of an incredible stink from all the decomposing fish, and that the kill included top and bottom feeders, which led me to believe there may have been thousands of dead fish. I went to a place just downstream of the Olympic Park and found around thirty large dead and decomposing bream. As the fish kill had happened around a week and half previously, this fitted in with the tip-off, and had given the Olympic authorities time to flush most of the fish carcasses out of the Park...

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Rabbits slaughtered for 'living, breathing' Olympic Park

john hopkins points to rabbits graveyardIn a still from 'Going for Green', Olympic Park designer John Hopkins demonstrates the plans that spelled the end for the rabbits and their nature reserve.

Olympic Delivery Authority contractors Thurlow Countryside Management (TCM) undertook a secret mass gassing of rabbits during the clearance of nature reserves, allotments and parkland within the London 2012 construction site in 2008. The ODA had sought to systematically misrepresent the existing open space as 'industrial wasteland' and a '100-year-old rubbish tip' while claiming to be protecting the wildlife on site. This is the first evidence that wildlife incompatible with the construction plans was deliberately destroyed.

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