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Commonwealth Games

The game of winning the Games

The current obsession with winning the right to host sporting events has resulted in the 2014 Commonwealth Games being awarded to Glasgow. The news was greeted by the media with unalloyed joy. Politicians from all sides hugged one another, athletes proclaimed this as yet another opportunity for aspiring sporting types to win medals, the site of the proposed athletes’ village was declared to be an industrial wasteland and the project was described by one politician (does it matter which?) as ‘irresistible’. The watching media failed to debate the issues or provide any detailed information

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Delhi’s Date with the Common Wealth Games 2010

Common Wealth or Kiss of Death? by Amita Baviskar

I am sitting across the desk from Shiela Dikshit in a room that is alive with irony. We are talking about the Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi in 2010. The Chief Minister’s office is located in what used to be the Players’ Building, a hostel meant for Asiad’82. Asiad’82 came and went, but the Players’ Building wasn’t ready on time. For fifteen years, it remained a concrete shell looming over the west bank of the Yamuna off Vikas Marg till the Dikshit government came to its rescue. So does the ghost of games past haunt the Chief Minister? Does the spectre of prestigious projects overrunning their deadline give Ms Dikshit sleepless nights?

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New Delhi bids for the 2014 Asian Games

The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Evaluation Committee for the 2014 Asian Games on Saturday expressed "satisfaction" with Delhi's bid.

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