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Less and less housing for the 'Legacy'

Oh that housing legacy!

It seems the OPLC, the Olympic Park Legacy Company, has revised the amount of housing for the 'legacy' downwards from 10-12,000 units to 8,000.

Of course, it has to be pointed out the housing on the Stratford City site, the Athletes' Village, was going to be built anyway as planning permission had already been granted before the Olympics took over the land.

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Not quite the Olympics, but a cable car

Over the weekend plans were announced in the media for a cable car crossing the Thames between the 2012 venues The Dome and Excel Centre, perhaps in time for 2012. But it seems this isn't an entirely new brainwave from Bojo and his chums.

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They can't keep politics out of sport

In Beijing it was Tibet and Human Rights. In London it may be Women in Sport and Palestinian Rights.

Women's rights campaigners are threatening protests against Saudi Arabia at London 2012 if they don't include women in their team and Palestinian artists, trade unionists, teachers, writers, film-makers and non-governmental organisations have called for a ban on Israel participating at London 2012, see the Games Monitor Discussion Group for recent press articles.

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