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Rio de Janeiro 2016

Rio: World Cup 2014 to be paid for out of public funds

98.5% of World Cup 2014 funding will come from public coffers

The World Cup of private enterprise has collapsed. A study by the TCU (Court of Audit) shows that 98.56% of the $23 billion budgeted for the 2014 event will come out of public funds.


one ring to bind them all

So, turns out it's not just the 2012 Host Borough of Hackney that bans books (well more specifically bans the launch event of an Olympics critical author from one of its public libraries).

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WikiLeaks Cables Anticipate Human Rights Violations in Lead-Up to Rio Olympics

by Bob Quellos

The ever-increasing trove of US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks is shedding light on the realities the people of Rio de Janeiro will be facing as that city prepares to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The released cables focus mainly on Rio de Janeiro's Orwellian-named "Favela Pacification Program," run by Rio's Peacemaker Police Units known as UPP, and discuss the possibility of human rights violations in the run-up to the 2016 Olympics.

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Rio: They paved paradise and put up a parking lot!

Report from RioOnWatch about evictions for the World Cup and Olympics. 4th November 2010. This week residents of Favela do Metro, close to Maracana football stadium, awoke to the arrival of removalists and demolition crews from the Prefeitura of Rio de Janeiro, who had come to evict them from homes. By today, at least two dozen homes have been cleared, their windows and roofs smashed in and the process ground inexorably on.

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Andrew Jennings interview on Brazilian Bola de Vez TV show about corruption in global sports business

Andrew Jennings replies in English to a panel of Brazilian journalists asking him about corruption in FIFA, the World Cup, Olympic Games and the International Olympic Committee.

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La lotta continua

So with 6 years to go for poor Rio, just 2 years being loudly trumpeted here, and the BBC carrying a story today of displacement plans affecting

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A few lines on Rio and the Olympics

.: Pan American Games. Rio 2007.Pan American Games. Rio 2007.

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