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FoI Response

IOC Technical Manual on Olympic Games Impact

Obtained under FOI from University of East London, May 2016

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Olympic Park Design Wind Turbine Feasibility Report

The East Marsh site, to be used as a temporary coach park during Games, also contains two feasible locations for a further turbine (only one turbine is possible due to limitations on turbine proximity with respect to other turbines), subject to flood risk assessment. Figure 2 shows a constraints diagram for this area produced by Ecotricity. BH/EDAW have identified two specific locations within this area which are suitable for wind turbines

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London Borough of Hackney information regarding Iain Sinclair book launch cancellation

This is a text version of the original PDF response from London Borough of Hackney made available at - email addresses and phone numbers have been removed.

Anna Robinson to Ted Rogers: 21/08/08 by email.

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