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The Inspector's report into the 2012 Olympics Compulsory Purchase Order

The Inspector for the Inquiry into the 2012 Olympics Compulsory Purchase Order only produced an advisory report. The final decision was left to the Minister for Communities, then Alastair Darling, who ignored the Inspector's recommendations regarding the Travellers. There was never the remotest chance that the Inspector would not recommend acceptance and even less that Mr Darling would not grant the order. The whole process was a sham.

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The LDA clarifies its CPO information

The LDA has now provided the information I asked for, see below*. Ms Adams says 'If it is helpful, I address each aspect of your request below for the sake of clarity.' That is certainly useful and, 'for the sake of clarity', would indeed have been helpful first time round! Still, let's not be churlish and thank the LDA for providing the information requested.

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LDA fails to provide all CPO information

In a mealy-mouthed response to my request for information about the costs of acquiring several pieces of land in the north of the Olympic Park the LDA says ‘The Commissioner in that Decision Notice required the LDA to disclose to you the “withheld information”. That term is not specifically defined…’ The LDA then goes on to argue, in its letter of 26th September 2008 (attached), that the information withheld related to the leasehold of the Clays Lane estate and the freehold of the Park Village estate “and not in relation to the other pieces of land requested by you on 15th September 2008”.

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Climate Camp 'Swoop'...solidarity with communities in East London displaced by the Olympics and fighting for a positive legacy

Climate Camp 'Swoop'..."to show our solidarity with communities in East London displaced by the Olympics and fighting for a positive legacy"

Wednesday 26th August 2009 outside Stratford station, fo

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Dust and Exhaust - ODA Pollutes Compliantly?

Despite calls from MPs and the Environmental Industries Commission the ODA has said it will not fit polluting non road mobile machinery (NRMM) with exhaust after treatment as required by Best Practice Guidance (BPG). In January 2009, as reported on Games Monitor, a group of MPs put down an Early Day Motion calling on construction projects, in particular the Olympics, to ensure that the most polluting plant be fitted with suitable pollution control technology. This criticism of the ODA was supported by the Environmental Industries Commission. EIC Policy Director, Danny Stevens, said “London is supposed to be a showcase for the world - demonstrating that it can put on the greenest Olympic games to date, yet a commitment to tackle harmful emissions from the construction machinery used on site is being ignored.”

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Left Standing at Stratford, BBC cuts evictees from ‘Olympic Dreams’ documentary

The BBC documentary, ‘Last Stand at Stratford’, part of the series ‘Building the Olympic Dream’, shown on BBC 2 on Wednesday 11th March was to have featured those being evicted to make way for the 2012 Olympics over three programmes. However, BBC chiefs decided to cut their participation to one programme. Consequently the Travellers, who were filmed for almost two years, were left out altogether. A number of residents at Clays Lane were included in the filming but in the event I was the only resident featured. Lance Forman of Forman’s Salmon Smokery ended up representing the businesses while the Manor Gardens Allotment holders survived as the only community on show.

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Perjured evidence before a House of Commons Select Committee.

It is said History is written by the winners. Committees from both the House of Commons and the Greater London Assembly Committees have held hearings into the Olympics. Apparently subjects are chosen on the basis of who makes the most noise. Amongst the topics discussed by the relevant House of Commons Select Committee has been the relocation of communities, be they residents, allotment holders, businesses or users, from the Olympic Park. The rule of subject choice also seems to apply when it comes to dishing out invitations to give ‘evidence’. Most people are left out of the magic circle and are unaware the opportunity might even exist. Not so those who run these programmes. They get to give their version of events as they either they get asked along or are warned the committee will be meeting and ask to go. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to either set of committees to track down those who were actually moved to ask them how they felt about their eviction and how it was handled.

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