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Clays Lane

When Clays Lane Estate residents are relocated a community is destroyed

It was the statement, in the various bits of evidence produced to justify the Compulsory Purchase Order, that the ‘socio-economic impact would be negligible’(on the residents of Clays Lane) that should have set off alarm bells. It did with me, anyway, and with others engaging with the process of objecting to the Order.

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Day of the Sheriff - Monday 23rd July

Monday 23rd July is the day the Sheriff will enforce the Notice of Entry against tenants at Clays Lane. In his letter to tenants, Andrew Gaskell of the LDA says ‘we are grateful for the cooperation we have received to date’. However, this cooperation did not lead to any consultation about the closure date or information as to why that date was so critical. Indeed, we understand it may be related to the building of a scaffold to take down the power lines which cross the estate. However, if this is the case then we have to ask why this is a problem for Clays Lane tenants when the Travellers will still be occupying their site and the cables cross their pitches. The power lines will not be live so tenants will not be in any danger.

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The Day of the Sheriff - Clays Lane tenants threatened with eviction

The first threats to evict residents at Clays Lane were made on Wednesday 20th June 2007 by Gareth Blacker of the LDA in a Press briefing. Some tenants have not yet received any offers while some are trying to resolve disputes about offers that have been made. The deadline is now set for 27th July although no official date has yet been given to tenants who still have to be served a notice of entry by the LDA. Only two weeks' notice is required by law. The LDA has failed to keep to its own preparation timelines which dated back to the autumn of 2004. Newham Council refused to grant decant status to residents until August 2006 while it used us as bargaining counters to get increased nomination rights to Legacy housing from the LDA and other Olympic boroughs are slow to process forms or, if they are not one of the four Olympic boroughs, refuse to assist at all. All of the original promises from the LDA and the Mayor of London made to residents have been swept aside.

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Olympic Games and Housing Rights

The Olympic Games have displaced more than two million people in the last 20 years, disproportionately affecting minorities such as the homeless, the poor, Roma and African-Americans, according to a new report,

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Security! Security! Security!

6.30am, Thursday 10th May, Park Village tower blocks, Metropolitan Police officers and the SAS wake up neighbouring residents and Travellers with a paramilitary exercise using high explosive stun grenades which shake nearby housing at Clays Lane estate and on the Travellers site. No warning was provided to residents and Travellers, although the housing staff at CBHA were told. LODA (the LDA and ODA) must have given permission for this exercise but also failed to provide any warning. Residents have since been told these exercises have been going on for a while without anyone outside a small clique being told. So the authorities have been practising anti-terrorist operations on an inner city estate for an undisclosed period! A further eye-opener for the public as to the meaning of the Olympic project.

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A LODA Comedy

I wanted to share my and, I hope, other Clays Lane residents' appreciation of LODA's extraordinary sense of humour and the wonderful jokes they are playing on us. I have to say I never credited LODA with such a marvellous imagination. I can only wonder at what they will come up with next. It is always good to share a joke and a humorous story.

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Clays Lane planning deception

Having spoken to a planning decisions officer for the ODA I now find not only is the relocation strategy not agreed but it is not even required as it was submitted under the original planning permissions which lapsed in January 2006 when new proposals were put forward. This was at exactly the same time as JPAT was consulting on the relocation strategy! So we were responding to a strategy which was already dead. No-one told us this and in fact we have been told over the past few months that the strategy was in force even though it was not approved. Now it appears it didn't even exist and was not even required.

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