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Manor Gardens Allotments

The LDA clarifies its CPO information

The LDA has now provided the information I asked for, see below*. Ms Adams says 'If it is helpful, I address each aspect of your request below for the sake of clarity.' That is certainly useful and, 'for the sake of clarity', would indeed have been helpful first time round! Still, let's not be churlish and thank the LDA for providing the information requested.

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LDA fails to provide all CPO information

In a mealy-mouthed response to my request for information about the costs of acquiring several pieces of land in the north of the Olympic Park the LDA says ‘The Commissioner in that Decision Notice required the LDA to disclose to you the “withheld information”. That term is not specifically defined…’ The LDA then goes on to argue, in its letter of 26th September 2008 (attached), that the information withheld related to the leasehold of the Clays Lane estate and the freehold of the Park Village estate “and not in relation to the other pieces of land requested by you on 15th September 2008”.

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More 2012 Bl**ging Censorship

The 2012 blog continues to churn out the same misleading information. A recent posting by a local resident reminded me of the experience of going through the compulsory purchase inquiry and having our estate and community dismissed by the LDA. I tried to post a comment but, not for the first time, that was disallowed. Like a true colonialist operation the ODA claims to listen to ordinary people and to practise inclusion, but its own publicly funded website refuses to allow a proper debate.

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Information Commissioner tells LDA to provide CPO information

The LDA has been told in a ruling by the Information Commissioner to supply details of how much it paid for a number of sites, including the Clays Lane estate, purchased under the Compulsory Purchase Order, and to whom this money was paid. The original request was made in July 2008, see attachment ‘LDA FoI response on cpo statements’. Curiously the complaint was upheld because, despite claiming an exemption, the LDA failed to offer a reason why it should apply.

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Climate Camp 'Swoop'...solidarity with communities in East London displaced by the Olympics and fighting for a positive legacy

Climate Camp 'Swoop'..."to show our solidarity with communities in East London displaced by the Olympics and fighting for a positive legacy"

Wednesday 26th August 2009 outside Stratford station, fo

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Much Hemlock on the Olympic Park

Adding insult to injury following the destruction of the Manor Gardens allotments Tessa Jowell and Boris Johnson have announced there will be a competition to create a ‘quintessentially British garden’ in the Olympic Park. The fact the Park already contained just such a quintessentially British and East End feature seems to have escaped the notice of commentators and journalists, who failed to even mention the destruction of the allotments as part of the Olympic programme when describing the proposal. The Manor Gardens Allotments Society has just revealed the present parlous state of both the Manor Gardens community and their allotments caused by the incompetence and negligence of the LDA and its contractors.

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LDA's Destruction of Century Old Evicted Allotment Community


After belated planning permission was finally acquired, £1.3M hurriedly spent on building temporary plots, the ravaged Manor Gardening Society (MGS) had earth under their feet again. Perhaps the hope that bursts through with the first broad bean shoots would begin to heal the wounds.

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