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'London Councils' Chairman objects to costs rise

‘London Councils’ has been firmly behind the bid for the games and is working with the Olympic Delivery Authority and the Game's organising committee to ensure that they leave a positive legacy benefiting every Londoner.


Olympic Legacy or 'Emperors New Clothes' ?

David Mackay, architect for Barcelona's Olympic Village and Port and co-author of the pre-Olympic masterplan for the Lower Lea Valley doubts the lasting benefits of London's Olympic development.

South of the Hackney Marsh in the Lea Valley Regional Park, today are the local recreation grounds, Lea Valley Sports Centre and Cycle circuit, Sports grounds and other open spaces. Until now Regional Parks were protected by law from encroaching constructions.


Richard Rogers boycott threat

Richard Rogers, one of Britain's most distinguished architects and head of the Mayor of London's urbanism and architecture unit, has threatened to boycott the London 2012 Olympics in protest at the ways in which building contracts are being awarded. And rightly so.

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Olympics will ruin London

We should seriously be thinking about giving the 2012 Olympic games back, before it is too late.


Outraged of Edgeware

While concurring with the sentiments expressed by Pete Smyth (What will be my consolation when Olympic spending goes hopelessly over budget?', Letters, October 26), who, like myself, is outraged by the surcharge imposed on London council tax payers to finance the 2012 Olympics, I thought that this might be a good time to note that, reportedly, the budget for staging the Games has already been increased by 47 per cent.


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