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2012 Sustainability

Olympic Park Design Wind Turbine Feasibility Report

The East Marsh site, to be used as a temporary coach park during Games, also contains two feasible locations for a further turbine (only one turbine is possible due to limitations on turbine proximity with respect to other turbines), subject to flood risk assessment. Figure 2 shows a constraints diagram for this area produced by Ecotricity. BH/EDAW have identified two specific locations within this area which are suitable for wind turbines

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Olympic Park Energy Centre contractor wrecking Amazon rainforest

London's Olympic Park Energy Centre, flagship of its sustainability claims, is being built by a company described as "one of the worst and most violent companies in Brazil in terms of its social and environmental record". It will form part of a profitable portfolio of energy projects including massive dams in the Amazon rainforest that are being widely condemned for their ecological damage and social injustice.

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Prescott/Three-Mills Lock not delivering

A sizeable proportion of the Games' massive budget has been spent dredging waterways, to help move materials to the Olympic site. The plan was for up to a thousand tonnes a day to go by barge. But the amount of business so far is only a trickle compared with what was promised.

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ODA air quality non-compliance could raise budget with £300m EU fine

In a long running story already reported on Games Monitor the green credentials of the 2012 Olympics have come under further strain as the Olympic Delivery Authority continues to refuse to fit polluting non road mobile machinery (NRMM) with exhaust after treatment. While the rest of the UK has complied with European air quality standards London has failed to do so.

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How LOCOG misled the establishment over the Greenwich Park Olympics

No to Greenwich Olympic Equestrian Events
17 City Business Centre, Lower Road, London SE16 2XB

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LOCOG's Food Vision 'completely out of touch'

Local food suppliers and health and animal welfare campaigners have criticised LOCOG’s recently issued Food Vision. LOCOG claims it will 'showcase the best of British food in 2012'. However, Compassion in World Farming and the RSPCA disagree. Rowen West-Henzell, Compassion in World Farming’s Head of Food Business said: "The resulting food vision is conspicuous - not for being visionary, but for being completely out of touch with the growing food culture in Britain and what, as a nation, we might wish to eat at our Games." The British Heart Foundation complain that about 3 million of the 14 million meals will be served by McDonalds. Ruairi O'Connor, head of policy at the British Heart Foundation, said: "Health does not seem to be high on the agenda."

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Rail Freight Group critical of 'High Carbon Olympics'

The Rail Freight Group is a company which lobbies on behalf of its members "to promote cost effective rail solutions for freight. Our members include customers, logistics providers, suppliers, terminal operators, ports and freight train operating companies." On May 22 2009 it published a paper 'A High Carbon Olympics at Stratford?'

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Prescott Lock project runs aground

Predictable practical problems with the Prescott Lock, compounded by financial conditions, are "making barge traffic unviable", it was reported at a November meeting of the Thames River Users Consultative Forum.

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