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2012 Sustainability

that Pudding Mill White Elephant

The saga of the Stadium's non-legacy rumbles on.

Ken has waded in claiming waste of public money and horrendous environmental consequences should Tottenham succeed with their bid entailing the demolition of the currently under-construction stadium and it's replacement with something more suitable to the needs of Premiership football. So it appears poor old West Ham are still highly likely to be saddled with that "fundamentally flawed" Olympic Stadium according to coverage by Paul Norman and Amanda Baillieu in Building Design.

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Ordnance Survey & Institution of Civil Engineers Olympic Map

Map of the 2012 Olympic site produced by Ordnance Survey and Institution of Civil Engineers in 2010 and distributed on the Greenway.
Includes an information section with a series of misleading 'facts' about the 2012 construction project, and illustrates the way the London 2012 communications unit is involving third party organisations as a means of creating more persuasive spin.

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The turbines that will never turn

At the end of November the Pipe Major declared that Hackney's alleged wind turbine on East Marsh had finally lost its blades. In fact this was always an ODA not a Hackney project and it was not going to power Hackney homes but feed into the Olympic Park grid. In June the ODA's other turbine at Eton Manor was propelled into oblivion by a lack of commercial interest. At that time Hackney insisted the East Marsh turbine would still go ahead as the council claimed it did not present the same issues. However, it now turns out it did and the same lack of investors has done for the project.

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More (radioactive) Merde for the ODA to investigate

Two strikes in as many days is not bad going for the Games Monitor website. A couple of days before the 'merde' alert over the humiliation of Britain, London and the person after whom the Olympic Park is to be named there was a little noticed announcement by ODA Chairman John Armitt. During the recent appearance of the ODA hierarchs before the Greater London Assembly Mr Armitt announced he would hold an inquiry into whether whether any environmental agencies had retrospectively granted approvals in relation to the soil remediation processes on the Olympic Park. The wording conceals the fact that this concerns the handling of radioactive material.

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Trees the ODA forgot

Bully Fen Wood: sign booard for Bully Fen Community Woodand

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Tugboat Annie

Spin is pernicious, like Japanese Knotweed from tiny fragments of root it keeps popping up everywhere.

Mark King, an innocent 'churnalist', writes a piece in The Guardian: A working life: the lock keeper

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Acceptance of Grant of Sports and Play Equipment [AdiZone] report to Greenwich Council

See attachment.

Clause 7.2 of especial interest in respect of legacy costs.

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Demolishing homes and communities - Sustainability ODA style

In the autumn of 2007 the ODA knocked down my home along with 106 other houses on the Clays Lane estate. In November 2009 it won 'The Legacy Award - Sustainability' from an organisation called Constructing Excellence. One of the 'Key Achievements' claimed by the ODA, when it presented its case for this award, was its demolition of our homes along with another 108 buildings on the Olympic Park.

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