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2012 Sustainability

hard a-port!

What a difference a day makes! (The bulk of) those tickets won't be flying transatlantic no more; they'll now be shipped instead as, since Meredith Alexander's high-profile resignation, that 'Commission for a Sustainable London 2012' seems to have been stirred, if not actually shaken, into action.

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Open Letter to Meredith Alexander former Commissioner on the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012

30th January 2012

Dear Ms Alexander

I wholeheartedly congratulate you on your decision to resign from the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012. As far as I am aware you are only the second person involved with London 2012 who has had the integrity, courage and conviction to take such a morally justifiable action.

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Smit smitten with London 2012 greenwash

From an article on nasty Olympic sponsors in The Ecologist comes this bizarre quote:


Dow: London's 2012 Perfect Olympic Sponsor

By Mike Wells , posted 29th December 2011, edited 11th January 2012Campaigners Against DowCampaigners Against Dow

A recent sponsorship deal has seen the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games accept money from Dow Chemical. Dow will provide a fabric "wrap" which will be placed around London's Olympic stadium.

According to Britain's Guardian newspaper the wrap's purpose is to reduce wind inside the stadium.  But, as the metaphor says ...

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better to leave your bike at home

There's been lots of criticism coming at LOCOG's cycle planning or woeful lack thereof, notably by Jaquelin Magnay of the Torygraph. Diamondgeezer analyses, and summarises:

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Locog's carbon omissions

After London 2012 scrapped its bid promise to offset carbon emissions two years ago environmentalists are now reduced to worrying about whether it will come up with an energy efficient Olympic cauldron. They didn't manage it with the torch saying four years wasn't enough time to complete the job. David Stubbs, Head of Sustainability at Locog, claimed the promise was scrapped because offsetting emissions took the focus away from Britain. A strange explanation. They must have realised this was the case when they made the promise.

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When the Games Come to Town: Host Cities and the Local Impacts of the Olympics - M Smith

A report on the impacts of the Olympic Games and Paralympics on host cities

Dr Mary Smith
London East Research Institute Working Papers
December 2008

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Bhopal Medical Appeal: Dow! It's water pollution not gas poisoning

The Bhopal Medical Appeal has issued a statement following the announcement by LOCOG that Dow Chemical are to provide the London Olympic Stadium ‘wrap’. It emphasises that its concern is not the 1984 gas disaster but the contamination of drinking water by chemicals from toxic waste dumps in and around the United Carbide site.

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