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Former Minister Dick finally notices lack of sports legacy

Another 2012 Games promoter, former Sports Minister Richard Caborn, has suddenly woken up to the fact that the 2012 Olympics are not delivering benefits claimed for them! Benefits which of course he was one of the keenest to claim. It's taken sleepy head a long time to notice what even the somnolent Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 noticed back in March while the Coalition managed to spot that things weren't going to plan over a year ago.

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No 2012 opportunity for sports clubs - 'not a surprise'

84% of 2000 sports clubs in a survey conducted by the Sport and Recreation Alliance do not expect any benefit from London hosting the Games. 'We are disappointed that 84 per cent of clubs do not see the Olympic and Paralympic Games as an opportunity,' said Chief executive of the Sport and Recreation Alliance, Tim Lamb. 'However, this does not come as a surprise. We've been highlighting just how vital legacy is to the future of sports clubs.'

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The uses of children for London 2012

Back in October 2010 a row broke out over tickets to London 2012 events for children, particularly those from the East End. BoJo hit back saying 120,000 free tickets would be provided for schoolchildren. Now it transpires most of those tickets will be for Paralympic events or football games. About a million football tickets are still unsold. Only one in three children with a ticket will get to see a 'core event'. In London one in eight children is expected to get a ticket but only one in twenty-four will get to see such a core event.

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fixed gear single speed

Of the diverse community groups threatened by displacement from the 2012 site, Eastway Users Group cyclists were first to cut a deal with the ODA. Perhaps they're about to become the last to be

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Sport: It's all about me!

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson was surprisingly and admirably honest on Newsnight when she said 'athletes aren't really that bothered about legacy'. The former Olympic swimmer Karen Pickering also put things in perspective when she said that what mattered for sportsmen and women was that nothing, like transport to an event, should 'impact on (them) getting ready to perform at their best'.

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It's all icocknic B**ls

Now here's an iconic Olympics story and a little Games Monitor puzzle to amuse our readers. They've named the 2012 football 'The Albert'. See if you can work out the icocknic East End flavour before clicking on the link.

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Sport participation 'super-tanker' turning wrong way

Far from being inspired by the Olympics to take up sport, as predicted by Tessa Jowell back in 2007, people are showing less inclination to participate the closer we get to 2012. The most recent survey by Sport England, released in June, which measured participation between April 2010 and April 2011 showed a decline among women, disabled people, white adults and the poorest Britons. The rate of participation also fell among those under 35 and over 55. The only region to show an improvement was the North-West, while in the South-East, which is where most events are happening, and the East Midlands levels of participation declined.

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2012 divides UK over football

The London Olympics seems about to score another own goal and possibly even provide a boost to Scottish nationalism. While the English FA and the BOA insist agreement has been reached on a Great Britain football team the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish FAs deny they have made any agreement. The English FA insists FIFA has given assurances it will respect the home nations' independent status, not something those other FAs place much faith in. Of course, not long ago the English FA was prepared to play along with FIFA while it was trying to win the 2018 World Cup and criticised the British media for raising corruption allegations, so it can hardly be described as an honourable player. The BOA and Locog have just got over a family feud.

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