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A creative future for the Media Centre - as a Storage Unit!

Anna Harding of Space Studios recently described the Media Centre as a 'darned insult to Hackney'. Now the London Assembly Economic Development, Culture, Sport and Tourism Committee has issued a report that reinforces her criticism. It says 'The East London Business Alliance has worked with a number of media companies considering plans for the media centre, and reported complaints about narrow pillar spacings, low ceilings, the roof being too weak to support rigging equipment and the lack of central heating, which would reduce its attractiveness to tenants from the industry.'

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An Iconic Organ: BoJo & Co flatter the Standard

More iconic junk! Johnson & Coe Ltd have taken to buttering up the Evening Standard for its Olympic coverage.


The Spinners Spun

The demand for new staff at the ODA to fuel the insatiable requirements for distortion, obfuscation and misrepresention of information on an Olympian scale shows no sign of abating, despite the promises of public sector cuts. Some things are just too important.

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Coe's compelling stories for Young Reporters

LOCOG is to invite the outstanding candidates from the IOC’s Young Reporters programme to London 2012 to join the press operations team. Lord SebCo of Locog said: “London 2012 will create compelling stories across the world – from world-class sport, to the effects the Games will have on the city of London and the UK as a whole and beyond."

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2012 Game Makers – Disabled people need not apply

Amidst all of yesterday's 2-years-to-go hoohah, launched their new MacJobs volunteering scheme. Blogger IanVisits was carping about the accessibilty failures in their new style-over-substance webpages.

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2012 Media Centre - 'a not future proofed insult to Hackney'!

At a meeting of the GLA Olympics Committee Anna Harding, chief executive of Space Studios, criticised the 2012 Media Centre as ‘a darned insult to Hackney’ and said it was outmoded. Regarding finding future occupants she said ‘You don’t need to go around the world looking for an anchor tenant. You can talk to the young people of Hackney.’

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A twisty spiral of intrigue

Dave Hill coyly points to Tory Troll on '...cronyism from City Hall' and the Mirror's tabloid hanky-panky with some property developing people and money behind BoJo's 'throbbing red-veined

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'Positive Dialogue' - ODA threatens libel action against Leabank Square Blog

After more than a year of seriously annoying and disturbing the residents of Leabank Square with dust and noise from its construction project the Olympic Delivery Authority has further turned the screw by insisting that residents should desist from denouncing a member of staff. In comments, although not in articles, posted on the Leabank Square blogspot residents had vigorously condemned the performance of the ODA’s community relations manager, Giorgia Sharpe. The author of the blog was threatened by an ODA lawyer with libel action if he didn’t remove the criticisms.

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