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BBC worries over pensioner news story during Olympics

Apparently the BBC is worried about how it will cope if a major story breaks during the Olympics.

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Will Self nails it?

Flagged up by Paul on the Newsgroup is Anna Minton's latest piece on CiF, The London Olympics: a festival of private Britain.

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Torygraph Poll: No 'Worthwhile Legacy'

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Occupying the Olympics?

Occupying the Olympics: What can be done? (From @tentcityuni) #occupy2012

by Jennifer Jones
November 21st, 2011 | Published in #Media2012 and the Olympic Games, Activism, Citizen Media, Featured, London2012

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Radio 4: More or Less on the 2012 Olympics

Listen to More Or Less (not) hosted (but posted) by Jonathan Brind (on his website) on BBC Radio 4 which provides an analysis of alleged economic, including tourism and urban regeneration, and sports particpation benefits and the high probability that London will get very little out of the event.

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Is nothing sacred? Beano joins the 2012 beanfeast

Shock! Horror! Wenlock and Mandeville can't swim! Plainly for health and safety reasons they can't be allowed near the Aquatic Centre so instead Locog has come up with the wizard wheeze of giving them free swimming lessons in the Beano. LoCoe claimed 'This is a creative way to engage children in the Olympic and Paralympic values'.

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london calling

Their One Year To Go gig at Trafalgar Square featured a rather strange sampling of London Calling by The Clash. The recuperation used the famous riff, but dropped the lyrics. However that didn't go unremarked. National Public Radio in the US picks up on the story with 'London Calling,' Repurposed As A Tourism Jingle, linking to BBC's longer piece by Alan Connor deconstructing some of the those lyrics.

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