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2012 Business

Rich Pickings

The London Organising Committee (Locog) and the ODA — the two bodies handing out work for the Olympics — will, over the coming six years, find themselves at the centre of one of the biggest contract scrambles in British history. And the event will offer rich pickings for companies big and small.


London Chamber of Commerce survey report

The London Chamber of Commerce has this statement (edited by me) on its website.

'The London Chamber of Commerce has now published a major report on business attitudes to the London Olympics entitled A Sporting Chance - Ensuring London Firms Benefit from the 2012 Olympic Games.


Tower Hamlets retro-active brand infringement

Tower Hamlets bosses have been forced to tear down posters at sports centres in the East End because they use the five 'Olympic' rings logo. The posters had already been in place for six years-long before London won the bid last year to host the Games, the council pointed out.


Accenture win 'back office systems' contract

The London Organising Committee for the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games has selected Accenture to run its 'back office' systems, following a competitive tender process.


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