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2012 Business

Olympic Games Impact Study for DCMS 2005

Olympic Games Impact Study: Final Report Dec 2005

Produced by Price Waterhouse Coopers for the DCMS to assess the likely national, regional and local impacts of hosting the Olympics in London.

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Businesses can see their money but not touch it

Not an outcome I expected. The Olympics are beginning to make me feel quite sorry for business! Small, independent hotels and reataurants will find themselves unable to profit from advance bookings. PriceWaterhouseCoopers is assisting European Olympic Committees, who are worried about businesses going bankrupt, by setting up accounts in which money for bookings can be kept but not paid on to the companies until the event. They will be able to see their money but not actually get their hands on it! This delayed payment scheme is called escrow.


It's a kind of nightmare! Small businesses advised to close for Olympics

So hotels are likely to experience a flip side, local businesses are affected by events and construction work and are not compensated and tourism will suffer! Now small businesses are being advised they should close down because of the disruption they may suffer from the Olympic traffic restrictions.


The magic of Mcdonalds - facing two ways on the Olympics

Steve Easterbrook, McDonald's chief for Northern Europe, on Mcdonalds and the Olympics: "One thing we are not seeking is brand awareness,"

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Hotels warned of 'flip side' to the Olympics

More knock on effects of the Olympics.

VisitBritain admitted ahead of a report shortly to be published by the European Tourism Operators Association that tourism would suffer during the Olympics. Makes me wonder if VB did this because they knew the ETOA was about to issue its report.

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Local businesses hit by 2012 Olympics

Hard on the heels of the belated admission by those who should and almost certainly did know that tourism will not benefit from the Olympics comes another moment of clarity. Local businesses are beginning to get a taste of Olympic reality. In Stratford and Weymouth very different kinds of businesses are seeing how trade does not necessarily follow sport when the Olympics comes to town.

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Turbo-charged 2012 tat

LOCOG chief executive Paul Deighton says London 2012 has 'turbo-charged' 10,000 'quality' products with a 'London 2012 association'.

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2012 British athletes to run in British designed German pants

Stella McCartney has been hired by sports apparel maker Adidas to design their outfits for Team GB at the 2012 Olympics.

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