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Open Letter to Meredith Alexander former Commissioner on the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012

30th January 2012

Dear Ms Alexander

I wholeheartedly congratulate you on your decision to resign from the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012. As far as I am aware you are only the second person involved with London 2012 who has had the integrity, courage and conviction to take such a morally justifiable action.

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Dow: London's 2012 Perfect Olympic Sponsor

By Mike Wells , posted 29th December 2011, edited 11th January 2012Campaigners Against DowCampaigners Against Dow

A recent sponsorship deal has seen the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games accept money from Dow Chemical. Dow will provide a fabric "wrap" which will be placed around London's Olympic stadium.

According to Britain's Guardian newspaper the wrap's purpose is to reduce wind inside the stadium.  But, as the metaphor says ...

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Olympics a 'wash out' for restaurants

Restaurateurs seem to have learned from the hoopla which surrounded the royal wedding and the claims of the boost it would bring to the economy followed swiftly by news that it had, actually, done the opposite and set the economy back. Hoteliers had already faced warnings of lower bookings than they had been led to expect and been involved in a spat with BoJo over price gouging by Thomas Cook.

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Keep right ORN....more fines, flashmobs and even guerrilla solicitors

Regarding London's Olympic Overload, @matthewBeard reports that Greenwich is upping the stakes on ORN fines by applying for the right to charge £1000, while other Boroughs are also seeking higher fees for recovering towed-away vehicles, taking their charges over the £500 in place at present.

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Sugar and spice, but not all that's nice!

First Lowcog wanted to kidnap the year 2012 and prevent an arts programme using it in the name of their exhibition. Now the IOC has prevented cake makers using Olympic logos in a British Sugarcraft Guild cake decorating exhibition! Jan Thorpe, chairman of the judges committee, yesterday described the crackdown as "excessive". She said: "There is no commercial gain whatsoever from this. We were simply doing an Olympic display during the Olympic year in sugar. We thought the (International) Olympic Committee would be happy that people were getting involved. It really upset us. This is our skill and we wanted to join in."

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Cisco 2012: Sponsoring Oppression

Another friend of the Olympics, 2012 Official Network Infrastructure partner Cisco joins the list of corporate dishonour, the murderous, the destructive, the obscene and the toxic. Cisco is being sued by three named Chinese political prisoners, Du Daobin, Zhou Yuanzhi, Liu Xianbin, and ten unnamed others and in a second case by the Human Rights Law Foundation. The prisoners' lawyer, Daniel Ward, said "Cisco has, for years now, knowingly aided and abetted the Chinese Communist Party's ongoing efforts to stifle the free speech and discourse of its citizenry."

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taxi !!!!!

Taxis flash-demo LOCOG: 9th Sepember 2011 Grange Hotel, St Pauls  see
A guest post by Danny, @m37411ic48

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