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2012 Arts & Culture

High Street 2012 & the London Festival of Architecture

High Street 2012 is an initiative that will use the 2012 Games as a catalyst for improvements to the A11/A118 corridor through the centre of Tower Hamlets (taking in Whitechapel High Street, Whitechapel Road, Mile End Road and Bow Road) and on into Stratford in Newham. See also: Stratford High Street public realm improvements

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Olympic Sports, Spirits and Stories - Hilary Powell

"With every large scale master-planning exercise comes a grand narrative of
regeneration, with every Olympics comes the weight of the ‘Olympic Story’ and with
every map or plan comes a legend. As 2012 approaches and the increasingly


Hackney: A Rose Red-Faced Council

By Sam Urquhart

A Freedom of Information Act request submitted by - a group which diligently scrutinizes the preparations for the 2012 Olympics - has unearthed a fascinating tale of official cowardice, quasi-censorship and pandering to corporate, not civic, priorities.

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2012 Olympic Censorship - Hackney picks up the baton

The poison of Olympic lies and delusions is steadily spreading through the Olympic Boroughs. Earlier in the year Hackney Mayor Jules Pipe denounced Michael Rosen, the Children's Laureate, for criticising the development in Dalston as 'degeneration' saying Rosen wanted to 'keep Hackney crap'. Now this argument between Hackney's authors and its Council has plumbed new depths with the banning of Iain Sinclair, author of 'The Olympic Scam' (see attachment), from launching his new book, 'Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire', on Council premises.

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Coca Cola Olympic Song

Don't laugh, they're already measuring up Trafalgar Square and writing the lyrics.

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Cultural Olympiad or Olympics Cull?

According to the BBC:

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Where is the money for a Cultural Olympiad ?

John Tusa, The Observer

I have lost count of the meetings I have attended to discuss the Cultural Olympiad, the showcase of British arts and culture planned to run alongside the 2012 Olympic Games.

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