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2012 Arts & Culture

london calling

Their One Year To Go gig at Trafalgar Square featured a rather strange sampling of London Calling by The Clash. The recuperation used the famous riff, but dropped the lyrics. However that didn't go unremarked. National Public Radio in the US picks up on the story with 'London Calling,' Repurposed As A Tourism Jingle, linking to BBC's longer piece by Alan Connor deconstructing some of the those lyrics.

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What's WickED?

This story has been updated as it has developed.

What's wicked? What exactly is going on with Hackney WickED? Or with London2012? The HackneyWickED Art Festival has succumbed to the blandishments of the London Olympics. It now includes the OPLC as one of its 'sponsors and partners'.

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a message from their sponsors

No telly so haven't seen it, but on Twitter @jennifermjones was rather caustic about Tier 1 sponsor BP's new Olympics greenwashing ad:

Oh my god. Just saw the London2012/BP advert. It is a f***ing oil company talking about blatantly greening a mega event.

As @PlatformLondon point out, BP do culture-washing too. The newly launched UK edition of HuffPo has a review, Hunt's Glass Slipper is Filling with Toxic Toes. As the title suggests it's not exactly flattering about the new Tessa, Jeremy *unt either.

But Reverend Billy is coming to cleanse them. And there was some guerilla ballet in Trafalgar Square too: BP White Swan

BP White Swan from You and I Films.

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Locog kidnaps 2012

Can you kidnap a year? Locog Ltd seems to think so. The mere mention of the year 2012 in an arts programme, Great Exhibition 2012, is attracting unwanted attention from the Lil' Cog org. Another to be threatened was children's writer Robert Ronsson, author of 'Olympic Mind Games'.


Not enough French at Vancouver. Period

Bizarrely, after the fuss about the use of French at London 2012 it transpires that bilingual Canada refused, or at least failed, to include sufficient French in Vancouver's opening ceremony. So says the language commissioner, Graham Fraser.

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Glasto 2012 down the pan

Due to a lamentable lack of portaloos and plod

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Olympic traffic lanes divert marathon

Apparently the reason the 2012 Olympic marathon will not be run in East London is because East London's roads will be needed to get the Olympic family to the Games on time in East London, where, of course, they will not get to see the marathon and will, therefore, probably choose to stay in Central London!

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Hackney Wick and Fish Island Creative Industries Mapping July 2009

The social cultural and economic ecology of a place is as fragile as any other ecology. In March and April 2009 muf architecture/art commissioned by Design For London - mapped the activities and businesses of Hackney Wick. We uncovered both significant activity but also the negative repercussions of the presence of the Olympic site namely landlords unwilling to give artists and businesses (creative and otherwise) sufficiently long leases and businesses who had either left or were planning to leave.

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