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2012 Construction

ODA air quality non-compliance could raise budget with £300m EU fine

In a long running story already reported on Games Monitor the green credentials of the 2012 Olympics have come under further strain as the Olympic Delivery Authority continues to refuse to fit polluting non road mobile machinery (NRMM) with exhaust after treatment. While the rest of the UK has complied with European air quality standards London has failed to do so.

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How LOCOG misled the establishment over the Greenwich Park Olympics

No to Greenwich Olympic Equestrian Events
17 City Business Centre, Lower Road, London SE16 2XB

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Stratford City Construction Fatality Follows Safety Warnings

In mid 2009 IWW members produced a report on health and safety at Stratford City. Regrettably, it seems their concerns about the nature of working practices on the site have proved well-founded. On 16th December 2009, Shaun Scurry, an employee of Firesafe Installations, died after suffering serious injuries in a lift accident on 9th December 2009 at the Westfield Stratford City shopping centre site. Shaun from Kirkby, Liverpool, was 39, the father of two sons and engaged to be married. He was reportedly trapped between a steel beam and an industrial lift when he was installing lagging to ductwork. The accident is being investigated by the Health and Safety Executive. In January 2010, the IWW members updated their report, which is attached.

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'Positive Dialogue' - ODA threatens libel action against Leabank Square Blog

After more than a year of seriously annoying and disturbing the residents of Leabank Square with dust and noise from its construction project the Olympic Delivery Authority has further turned the screw by insisting that residents should desist from denouncing a member of staff. In comments, although not in articles, posted on the Leabank Square blogspot residents had vigorously condemned the performance of the ODA’s community relations manager, Giorgia Sharpe. The author of the blog was threatened by an ODA lawyer with libel action if he didn’t remove the criticisms.

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Rail Freight Group critical of 'High Carbon Olympics'

The Rail Freight Group is a company which lobbies on behalf of its members "to promote cost effective rail solutions for freight. Our members include customers, logistics providers, suppliers, terminal operators, ports and freight train operating companies." On May 22 2009 it published a paper 'A High Carbon Olympics at Stratford?'

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Construction Workers demonstrate for legal and fair working conditions at Olympic site

Listening to Bob Crow RMT Gen Secretary: .Listening to Bob Crow RMT Gen Secretary: .Photo © Martin Slavin

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Dust and Exhaust - ODA Pollutes Compliantly?

Despite calls from MPs and the Environmental Industries Commission the ODA has said it will not fit polluting non road mobile machinery (NRMM) with exhaust after treatment as required by Best Practice Guidance (BPG). In January 2009, as reported on Games Monitor, a group of MPs put down an Early Day Motion calling on construction projects, in particular the Olympics, to ensure that the most polluting plant be fitted with suitable pollution control technology. This criticism of the ODA was supported by the Environmental Industries Commission. EIC Policy Director, Danny Stevens, said “London is supposed to be a showcase for the world - demonstrating that it can put on the greenest Olympic games to date, yet a commitment to tackle harmful emissions from the construction machinery used on site is being ignored.”

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ODA all washed up at Leabank Square

In July 2008, at an ODA open meeting a Leabank Square resident, Sona Abantu-Choudhury, was told that the only convenient location for a soil washing machine was opposite his estate and that it was essential this machine worked late into the night. At that time the machine was washing away until 10pm! Residents were complaining about the disturbance this machine was causing them and Mr Abantu-Choudhury pointed this out to the ODA representatives at the meeting. Far from showing sympathy they insisted this was the only option. Later, after a further meeting the ODA agreed to reduce the wash cycle to 8pm, although residents were told this alteration meant the machine would have to continue in operation for several more months.

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