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2012 Construction

Video - London 2012 Olympic Land Grab: Leyton Marshes

A short news item on the mystery of the Leyton Marshes invasion

London 2012 Olympic Land Grab: Leyton Marshes from Mike Wells on Vimeo.

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A Fence Too Far - Leyton Marsh rebellion continues

Save our Marsh - 10 Mar 2012Save our Marsh - 10 Mar 2012

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Olympic Sites: A celebration of Olympic values?

"In this special issue of CLRNews we have tried to document the construction involved for different Olympic Games, the social and employment issues and problems raised and the longer-lasting effects."

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Vandals at the Gate - Open letter to Greenwich Councillors

Following the demolition of the Blackheath Gate Rachel Mawhood decided to send an open letter sent to Greenwich Councillors. It is published below with some minor amendments to the text for clarity and to include links.

She also records: ‘Incidentally, when a member of the Friends of Greenwich Park telephoned the chair of the Friends to complain about the demolition, her de haut en bas response included her opinion that as the Gates were only put up in 1880 they were "not that old" ... With Friends like these in the amenity societies, who needs LOCOG?'

Dear Councillors

Why did councillors not challenge LOCOG's assertion in Paragraph 7.6 on page 58 in the planning board report for the meeting on 26 January 2012, the Blackheath Gate application 11/2396/F and application for Listed Building Consent (Ref: 11/2397/L) that the bricks in the Blackheath Gate stanchions were of ‘poor quality’

‘generally the poor quality of the bricks’

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give and take

Westfield Stratford beyond Bridge LO3: A view over the 2012 Olympic site towards Westfield Stratford and Bridge LO3, 3rd March 2011, taken on the 'Printers' Paradise' walk organised by Wick Curiosity Shop.Westfield Stratford beyond Bridge LO3 So according to the Guardian's @owen_g

London 2012 announce Westfield as 44th sponsor in a £10m tier 3 deal

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that's a wrap then

On twitter from @LONDON2012:

LOCOG has chosen US-based silicone textile producer Dow Corning to sponsor the 2012 Olympic Stadium wrap

Perhaps no surprise since Dow remain one of the IOC's TOP sponsors, who'll no doubt be wanting to remind us of their continuing obligations and responsibilities to the people of Bhopal.

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